Why Did Walmart Change Their Slogan?

Like all major businesses, Walmart has its own slogan that seeks to define its mission and goals.

Walmart’s current slogan is “Save Money, Live Better.”

Simply put, Walmart aims to sell its products at low prices to its customers. In turn, customers can live better through these savings.

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When Did Walmart Change Their Slogan?

Over the years, Walmart has used “Always Low Prices. Always” as its slogan, only tweaking it slightly without losing its meaning.  However, in 1994, the retailer changed the slogan to “Always Low Prices” due to confusion about its meaning.

The words of Walmart’s current slogan come from a speech that its founder – Sam Walton – gave in March 1992, during his presentation with a Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George Bush. Part of the words of his acceptance speech was as follows:

“If we can, we’ll lower the cost of living for everyone, not just in America but we’ll give the world an opportunity to see what it’s like to save and have a better lifestyle and a better life… a better life for all.”

The current Walmart slogan has been in place for 15 years, since its adoption in 2007.

Why Did Walmart Change Their Slogan?

Walmart used the slogan “Always Low Prices” for 19 years, only changing it in 2007. The change came due to confusion in its meaning after a local Better Business Bureau started that the slogan may imply that Walmart has low prices every time. Thus, the National Advertising Review Board recommended its change after ruling that it was potentially misleading.

The Walmart logo is one of the world’s most iconic and widely recognized symbols. But what does it mean?

The Walmart logo symbolizes the company’s friendly and approachable aspect.

The original logo featured only the word “Walmart” in blue font. Over the years, Walmart has updated and refined the logo, but the basic message remains: Walmart is a friendly, reliable place to shop for all your needs.

The current logo has been in use since 2008, having been designed by Lippincott designers in New York. The yellow “spark” next to the word Walmart symbolizes the inspiration its founder, Sam Walton, had when opening his first store.


What are Walmart’s 3 basic beliefs?

Walmart’s three basic beliefs and values are:

  • Service to its customers
  • Striving for excellence
  • Respect for the individual

What does the slogan say on the big screen TV in the Walmart ad?

The slogan contains the words “Save Money, Live Better.”

What’s the slogan of Walmart Canada?

Walmart Canada also uses the “Save Money, Live Better” slogan like other Walmart stores in the US.

How did Walmart get its name?

The history of the origin of Walmart’s name is unclear. However, some say “Wal-Mart” is an abbreviation to mean Walton’s Market.


Currently, Walmart uses “Save Money, Live Better,” as its slogan. With this slogan, Walmart aims to sell products at affordable prices, bettering the lives of its customers. The Walmart slogan and logo are symbols of the retailer’s customer-centric approach to its operations.

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