Who Makes EverStart Batteries For Walmart?

Most big-box retailers have certain products found exclusively at their stores. One such example is the EverStart batteries sold at Walmart. But have you ever wondered who makes them since Walmart does not manufacture batteries? Let’s dive into some real-world reviews from customers who have purchased them.

Johnson Controls manufactures the EverStart brand of batteries. These are low maintenance, high quality, and long-lasting. EverStart batteries come in two varieties; AGM and lead acid. Two of the most popular models are EverStart Plus and EverStart Maxx, both AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries.

Johnson Controls has been providing high-quality batteries to Walmart since 2010. The company has its headquarters in Cork, Ireland but has major operations in Canada, the US, and South Korea. Walmart mainly gets its EverStart battery supplies from the factories in these locations.

The company has been around since 1885 and started trading as Johnson Electric Service. Currently, it operates in over 150 countries and employs over 100,000 people.

If you want to know more about the different types EverStart batteries, whether they are good quality, their warranty period, and more, continue reading.

EverStart car Batteries

Types of EverStart Batteries

EverStart batteries are available in various sizes and types to fit your needs. The batteries are designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. There are multiple types of EverStart Batteries for standard vehicles and other machinery. Here’s a brief look at the different types:

Marine Batteries

You can use EverStart marine batteries in boats and watercraft, including jet skis and sailboats. Marine batteries are also known as deep cycle batteries since you can discharge them up to 80 percent without causing damage to the battery. EverStart marine batteries are perfect for withstanding the harsh conditions of marine environments, such as saltwater and humidity.

Leisure Batteries

These batteries are ideal for boats, RVs, and off-road vehicles. EverStart leisure batteries can withstand extreme vibrations and rough conditions, so they work well when you need them.

Multi-Sport Batteries

These deep-cycle batteries are ideal for most boats, ATVs, motorcycles, and personal watercrafts (PWCs). They can handle abuse from rigorous use without losing charge or power capacity over time. They’re made with heavy-duty material with improved corrosion resistance, making them last longer.

Automotive Batteries

Automotive batteries are the most common type of EverStart battery, and they are made for use in cars and trucks. These batteries provide short bursts of high-power output, which makes them ideal for starting smaller engines. They also have a relatively longer lifespan compared to other types of EverStart batteries.

Tractor Batteries

EverStart’s tractor batteries are for farm and construction equipment such as tractors or backhoes. Tractor batteries generally don’t last as long as automotive ones but can provide higher power outputs for longer periods without overheating or damaging themselves. 

How Much Do EverStart Batteries Cost?

EverStart batteries vary in price depending on the size of the battery and type (whether or not it is AGM (absorbed glass mat) or flooded cell). AGM batteries are more expensive than flooded cell because they have a longer shelf life and lower self-discharge rates. Flooded cells have a shorter lifespan than AGM batteries but are less expensive.

The table below shows how different EverStart batteries compare in prices at Walmart

Battery type Price
Automotive $50-$150
Tractor  $29-$100
Leisure $25-$130
Marine  $70-$95
Multi-sport  $34-$90

 Walmart car batteries are cheaper than other retailers such as PepBoys, O’Reilly’s auto parts, Auto zone, and more. Walmart also offers excellent warranties and free battery installation if you buy the battery from its stores.

Are EverStart Batteries Any Good?

Since they’re one of the most popular brands on the market, you may wonder if EverStart car batteries are worth buying. 

EverStart batteries are made from durable materials that can withstand extreme conditions and high temperatures without degrading in performance.

In addition, EverStart batteries do not require maintenance apart from charging them regularly and occasionally replacing them once they reach their end of life cycle.

They also cost less than most other brands but still deliver exceptional performance. Other than affordability, they are also durable, with some models having an expected lifespan of 5 years. This means that if you have an older vehicle that needs a new battery regularly, an EverStart battery can save you hundreds of dollars over time.

How Long Do EverStart Batteries Last?

EverStart batteries are made to last. They’re built to be tough, reliable, and robust. But how long do they last?

Basically, it depends on the battery and the vehicle. Some vehicles have a higher demand than others, so they drain their battery more quickly. If you’re using your car often, expect your battery to last less than if you only use it occasionally.

Also, remember that your battery’s life expectancy depends on how well you take care of it. With proper care and use, you can expect your EverStart battery to last for at least 3-5 years.

How Does the Warranty Work?

When you purchase EverStart batteries at Walmart, your product comes with a 1-3 years warranty, depending on the battery type. Walmart sells three types of EverStart batteries: Value, Plus, and Maxx.

EverStart value batteries are the least expensive and come with a one-year warranty. EverStart plus batteries come with a 2-year warranty, while the Maxx batteries have a 3-year warranty. If you have any problems with the battery during this time frame, Walmart will replace it at no cost.

However, the EverStart Maxx batteries have an extra Prorated warranty that covers your battery for a further two years after the initial three years. If the battery fails within the next two years after the initial warranty period, you can buy a new one for a prorated price.

To get the new battery’s price, divide the age of the old battery (in months) by 60 and then multiply it by the price of the new battery.

At this point, you may be wondering how to file an EverStart battery warranty claim at Walmart. To file a warranty claim, follow these steps.

  • Go to any Walmart store or a Walmart Auto care center (you cannot file a battery warranty claim online)
  • Ensure you bring your purchase receipt for easier processing. If you don’t have one, Walmart can still process your warranty claim since EverStart batteries are specific to Walmart
  •  Explain the problem with your battery to a Walmart associate. The associate uses this information to confirm whether the warranty will apply
  •  If your warranty claim is genuine, Walmart will replace your battery and install it for you at no cost
  • Ensure that you leave the old battery at Walmart for safe disposal. Otherwise, you may incur a core charge

Customer Reviews on EverStart Batteries

One of the best ways of knowing what to expect about any product is to read the customer reviews. Generally, Walmart’s EverStart batteries have positive reviews from customers who have used them.

Most customers are happy with the price and their overall higher quality compared to other brands. The fact that they require little or no maintenance is also a huge plus.

However, the batteries enjoy mixed reviews according to the feedback posted on Walmart’s website. The batteries have an overall rating of 3.9/5 out of 194 reviews.

Most positive reviewers are satisfied with their price, quality, and durability, with some customers stating that they have used their batteries for seven years. However, most customers who have had a bad experience complain of battery failure within months of purchase.

How Do You Know What Battery To Buy For Your Car?

Making sure you have a good car battery is one of the most important things any driver will ever do. Since it’s the “heart and soul” of your vehicle, it’s vital that you buy the right battery for the best performance of your vehicle. Here are some aspects to should consider when purchasing a new car battery.

  •  Battery group size – knowing your vehicle’s battery size is crucial in ensuring that it fits securely in its tray. You can check the battery size on the label fixed on your old battery or its user manual. Most car batteries are either size 65, 75, 35, 34, or 34/78.
  • Reserve capacity – a battery’s reserve capacity (RC) is its “standing power.” It refers to how long your battery will supply the minimum voltage needed to run your car if a fan belt or alternator fails. You can check your user’s manual to get the recommended RC for your battery.
  • Minimum cold cranking amps – refers to your battery’s ability to start your car in freezing conditions. If you plan to use your vehicle in cold climates, consider buying a battery with good cold cranking amps.
  • Cell type – most cars run on conventional lead acid batteries. However, you can opt for the Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries which perform better than the lead acid ones
  • Battery brand – your battery’s brand will determine its quality and warranty. Well-established battery brands have better-performing batteries and good warranties.


Are Interstate and EverStart batteries the same?

No. Although in the past, these battery brands shared the same manufacturer. They also share some features, although EverStart batteries have superior quality.

Does Walmart pay you for old batteries?

No. Walmart will only refund your core charge when you bring your old battery. Essentially, the core charge is always included in your battery’s cost. So, when you bring your old battery to Walmart, you’ll get the money you paid as a core charge, which is not a payment per se.

Does Walmart install car batteries for free?

Yes. If you buy a battery at any Walmart store or Auto service center, they’ll install it for free.

Can you return a car battery to Walmart?

Yes. According to Walmart’s return policy, you can return any battery bought online or in-store within 90 days of purchase.

Does EverStart produce AGM batteries?

Yes. EverStart produces AGM batteries, such as the EverStart Maxx model.


EverStart batteries are a product of Johnson Controls. Walmart is the sole retailer of these batteries and stocks various types, including marine, multi-sports, automotive, tractor, and leisure vehicle batteries.

EverStart batteries are one of the leading brands in the market. They’re affordable, durable, and low maintenance.

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  1. This article date Sept 2022. Johnson Controls has been out of the battery business since May 2019.
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