What Kind Of TVs Does Costco Sell?

If you’re in the market for a new TV, Costco should definitely be on your list of places to look. Not only does Costco sell a wide range of some of the highest quality TVs on the market–they also offer them at competitive prices. From holiday sales to Super Bowl sales, Costco is known for getting top-of-the-line electronics to their customers at impressively low prices.

Buying TVs At Costco

What Kind Of TVs Does Costco Sell?

Costco sells the following brands of TV:

  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Vizio
  • Hisense

The size categories for these TVs include:

  • 32”
  • 40” – 43”
  • 48” – 50”
  • 55”
  • 58” – 60”
  • 65”
  • 70”
  • 75” and above

The largest television currently for sale on Costco.com is the LG 86″ Class UQ8000 Series 4K UHD LED LCD TV

If you’re interested in a variety of screen types, the following can be found at Costco:

  • Direct Lit LED-LCD
  • Direct Lit QNED Mini-LED
  • Edge Lit LED-LCD
  • Edge Lit NanoCell LED
  • Full Array LED-LCD
  • LED
  • OLED
  • QLED
  • ULED
  • UST
  • Short throw laser TV projector with ALR screen

How Much Do TVs Cost At Costco?

As of November 2022, televisions at Costco range in price from $124.99 to $4,999.99. Just keep in mind that this article was written on Cyber Monday, so these prices are bound to jump back up a little once we move further into the holiday season and beyond.

That said, Costco absolutely offers competitive prices on TVs and other electronics. While they may not drastically undercut their competitors, Costco’s prices on electronics are certainly on par with the best prices on the market.

Currently, Costco and Best Buy are offering the same promotional prices on their top-selling and highest-quality televisions from companies like Samsung and LG.

How To Buy TVs At Costco

The easiest way to buy a TV from Costco is to shop online. Costco.com features a wide range of televisions, spanning an accessible price range and including many different models and types. You can also shop for TVs in person at your local Costco Warehouse if you’d like a more hands-on experience.

To shop for a TV at Costco, simply visit your nearest Costco and head to the electronics section. This section is usually located near the front entrance, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find. If you need help during your shopping experience, a Costco associate will be happy to assist you.

Remember that any time you shop at Costco, you will need to be in possession of an active Costco membership card. If you forget your card at home, visit the customer service desk. If you remember your account number, they may be able to assist you with getting a temporary ID card. 

Costco TV Warranties And Return Policy

Most of Costco’s Samsung and LG TVs come with a three-year All State Protection Plan built into the price. On top of Costco’s two-year extended manufacturer warranty, this means that you will be fully covered for five years after purchasing your TV.

Costco’s extended warranty covers manufacturer defects and malfunctions while the All State Protection Plans cover cracks, drops, spills, etc. 

In addition to their generous warranty policy, Costco also offers a great return policy for its customers. If you decide for any reason that you aren’t 100% satisfied with your TV purchase within 90 days of purchasing, you can return your TV for a full refund, no questions asked. Unfortunately, after these 90 days have passed, you will no longer be able to return your TV to Costco.

Is Costco’s TV Return Policy Strict?

While Costco is known for having a super generous return policy on most items, they are unfortunately a bit less flexible when it comes to electronics.

If you wait longer than 90 days to return your television to Costco, your refund request will likely be denied.

As long as you stick to this time frame, you shouldn’t have a problem returning your TV. Costco makes returns easy by not requiring customers to keep their receipts, so all you have to do is show up with the item you’d like to return along with your active membership card.

Is It Worth Buying TVs At Costco?

Buying a TV at Costco is definitely worth it, especially if you live near a Costco Warehouse location. Luckily, Costco has 579 warehouse locations across the US, so it’s pretty likely that at least one of these is within a close distance of where you live.

Another benefit of buying a TV as a Costco member is that it’s essentially a risk-free purchase for the first 90 days. If you aren’t happy with your purchase during that time, simply take it back and get a refund. And remember that if you decide to keep your TV, it will be covered by a great warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Lastly, buying TVs and other electronics at Costco is great because you can rest assured that you’re paying the lowest price possible for a new, high-quality item. While Costco’s prices aren’t necessarily lower than all of their competitors, they’re often matched in offering the lowest prices on electronics on the market.

Tips For Buying TVs At Costco

The main thing to remember when buying a TV at Costco is that your timing can make a huge difference in the price you pay at the register. This is because Costco runs several sales on electronics throughout the year, so if you wait to buy your TV when the price drops, you’ll get the best deal possible. 

Some of the best times of the year to buy TVs and other electronics at Costco are:

  • November (Black Friday, Cyber Monday)
  • December (holiday sales)
  • January (pre-Super Bowl sales)

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