What Bonuses Does Walmart Give To Employees?

According to a CNBC article published in September 2021, Walmart no longer offers bonuses to its store associates.

However, as far as we can tell, Walmart’s salaried employees are still eligible for bonuses throughout the year, though it’s unclear how much these bonuses are or when they are given out.

With regards to hourly employees, commenters mentioned that hourly Team Leads do get bonuses, but a lot of the other hourly employees do not.

Walmart Give Bonuses

How Often Does An Employee Get A Raise At Walmart?

All Walmart employees are more or less guaranteed a 2% raise once a year in February.

If you are a team lead, then you may also be eligible for a performance-based raise each year in March.

You will also receive a raise to the official minimum wage for your position after your 90-day probation period ends.


Do Walmart team leads get bonuses?

Yes. Team Leads that are hourly get bonuses.

How much does the Walmart CEO get in bonuses?

Of the $25,670,673 Walmart CEO Doug McMillon has earned thus far in 2022, $3,816,000 has been received as a bonus.

Does Walmart offer a hiring bonus?

No. As of January 2022, Walmart stopped offering bonuses of any kind to their employees.

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