The JesusErin Table is Coming Back to Aldi!!!

The number one most viral product to hit the Aldi Aisle of Shame in 2021 was a patio table.

The Belavi Patio Dining Table was first released last year in August, and while it was promoted as an outdoor table (complete with umbrella hole), members took the wood table inside, stained it, and used it as a traditional dining room table….and we saw dozens and dozens of amazing transformations! Everyone wanted THE ALDI TABLE.

aldi jesus erin table

The good news is the JersusErin table (story below) is coming back to Aldi stores the week of July 13th, 2022 for $249! This is a price increase from last year, however, the table is large (70.9″ x 35.4″ x 29.5″) with an Acacia wood tabletop, making it a great deal when compared to similar tables sold elsewhere.

aldi jesuserin table

How did THE ALDI patio table become the #JesusErin table?

Former Aisle of Shame group member Erin Bagdasarian shared a screenshot between her husband that went viral in the Aisle of Shame Facebook community. Having found THE table at her local Aldi, and already having three tables at home, she texted him “Now we have a table for the kids to eat at and people when they come over…..?”.

His response?

“Jesus Erin” followed by “We don’t have chairs”. And that’s where #JesusErin was born in the community.

original #jesuserin post on aisle of shame facebook group

After that, EVERYONE referenced their Aldi patio table as the #JesusErin table and the reference still lives on to this day. We take ZERO credit for coming up with the hashtag, that was 100% Erin and other members of the AOS community.

If you want the Belavi Patio Dining Table you will want to shop Aldi early the week of July 13th— we expect the table to sell out quickly, and because it’s such a large item, stores may have limited inventory.

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