Tea Perfection: Discovering the Best 15 Tea Types & Brands for Authentic Flavors

Tea is a beloved beverage enjoyed by people all over the world for its comforting warmth and soothing flavors. But with so many types of tea available, it can be hard to know where to start. To truly savor the rich and authentic taste of tea, it’s important to choose a variety that values quality and purity. In this article, we’ve rounded up the 15 best types of tea for authentic flavors. From classic black teas to exotic herbal blends, these varieties are known for their commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients and delivering a truly exceptional tea experience. So sit back, brew a cup of your favorite blend, and discover the pure and authentic flavors of these top tea types.

Assam Black Tea:

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Originating from the Assam region of India, this tea boasts a bold, brisk, and malty flavor. With a rich, deep-amber color, Assam is the backbone to many breakfast blends and stands up well to milk.

Twinings has been in the tea business for over 300 years and their Assam is renowned for its robust and malty flavor.


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Often referred to as the “Champagne of Teas”, Darjeeling comes from the West Bengal region of India. It has a unique muscatel flavor, with nuances ranging from floral to fruity depending on its harvest season.

Teabox provide fresh teas from their gardens in Darjeeling, ensuring authentic flavor and aroma.

Earl Grey:

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Infused with bergamot orange oil, Earl Grey offers a distinctive citrusy flavor. It’s typically made with black tea and is known for its bright, fragrant character.

Known for its superior quality, Harney & Sons’s Earl Grey has the right balance of black tea and bergamot.


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This finely ground green tea powder hails from Japan. Rich in antioxidants and offering a vibrant green hue, Matcha provides a smooth, creamy texture and a slightly grassy sweetness.

Encha offers organic, premium-grade Matcha that’s smooth and vibrant in flavor.


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A semi-oxidized tea, Oolong sits between green and black teas. With a broad flavor spectrum, from floral to creamy, its most famous varieties include Taiwan’s High Mountain Oolong and China’s Tie Guan Yin.

With decades in the industry, Ten Ren is respected for its variety and quality of Oolong teas.


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Japan’s most popular tea, Sencha is a green tea with a delicate balance of bitterness and sweetness. Its steaming process during production results in a beautiful green hue and grassy aroma.

A long-standing Japanese tea company, Ippodo is renowned for its fresh and aromatic Sencha.

White Tea:

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Known for its delicate flavor, white tea undergoes minimal processing. Popular varieties like Silver Needle and White Peony offer light, sweet, and floral notes with a pale-yellow liquor.

Tealyra offer a vast range of teas, but their white teas, especially Silver Needle, are particularly delicate and flavorful.

Black Ceylon Tea:

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Hailing from Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, this tea can range from strong and malty to delicate and fragrant, depending on its region and elevation.

As a Sri Lankan brand, Dilmah is respected worldwide for its range and quality of Ceylon teas.


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Originating from South Africa, this red herbal tea is caffeine-free. It’s rich in antioxidants, has a natural sweetness, and offers a deep red infusion with flavors reminiscent of honey and rose.

Numi offers a pure, organic Rooibos with a rich, earthy vanilla taste.


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Made from dried chamomile flowers, this herbal infusion is known for its calming effects. It has a gentle, apple-like flavor and is often sipped before bedtime.

Celestial Seasonings’s chamomile is caffeine-free, with the soothing flavors of golden herbs.

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