10 Things That Don’t Belong on Top of a Refrigerator

Perishable Foods

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Storing perishable foods like bread or fruits on top of the refrigerator can lead to premature spoilage. The heat emitted can create a warm environment that accelerates the ripening process of fruits and the staling of bread, causing them to go bad quicker than they would in a cooler, more stable environment.

Wine Bottles

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While it might seem like a convenient place, the top of the refrigerator is not ideal for wine storage. The vibrations from the fridge can disturb the sediment in the bottle, affecting the wine’s aging process. Additionally, the heat can alter the wine’s flavor and spoil it more rapidly.


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The warm environment can degrade the potency of certain medications or vitamins. It’s crucial to store medicines in a consistently cool and dry place to maintain their effectiveness.

Chocolate and Sweets

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Chocolate and other sweets can melt or become soft when exposed to the warmth from the refrigerator. This not only affects their texture and taste but can also lead to a messy cleanup if they start to ooze.


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While the top of the fridge might seem like a great spot for a bit of greenery, many houseplants can suffer from the heat. Additionally, the lack of natural light in this elevated position can hinder their growth or lead to wilting.

Important Documents or Mail

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Paper can become discolored or even damaged over time due to the heat. Important documents, bills, or sentimental paper items like photographs should be kept in a cool, dry place to prevent deterioration.


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Placing electronics, such as tablets or phones, on top of the refrigerator can expose them to heat and potentially cause damage. Furthermore, they could easily get knocked off and break.

Pet Food

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Just like human food, pet food can spoil faster when stored in a warm area. Keeping pet food on top of the fridge can lead to it becoming stale or rancid, which might make it less appealing or even harmful to your pet.


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Storing candles on top of the refrigerator can cause them to warp or melt due to the heat, ruining their shape and affecting their burning time.

Fresh Herbs

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Herbs need a cool, moisture-controlled environment to stay fresh. The warmth from the refrigerator can cause them to wilt and lose their flavor quickly, making the top of the fridge a poor choice for storage.

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