Is Harbor Freight Doing Curbside Pickup?

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Curbside pickup began long before the Covid-19 pandemic as a way of saving customers time. But ever since the pandemic and lockdowns first hit, curbside pickup has become an even more popular way to shop.

But not all stores offer curbside pickup, even in 2022. Keep reading to find out if Harbor Freight offers curbside pickup.

Harbor Freight store front

Unfortunately, Harbor Freight does not offer curbside or in-store pickup for online orders.

The only way to pick up an item or items in store at Harbor Freight is to visit the store in person and purchase your items there.

While we aren’t entirely sure why Harbor Freight hasn’t hopped on the curbside pickup train yet, it’s likely because the company isn’t known for having the most tech savvy systems. Most Harbor Freight systems still operate by phone, mail, or in person, which points to the possibility that their tech just hasn’t caught up with the times yet.

Can You Order Online And Pickup At Harbor Freight?

Like curbside pickup, in-store pick up for online orders remains out of the question for Harbor Freight shoppers.

But Harbor Freight does offer an alternative method for those shoppers wanting to experience something akin to in-store pickup.

Basically, you can call your local Harbor Freight location before you go in, ask to speak to an associate, and ask the associate to check the store’s inventory to find out whether the item or items you’re looking for are in stock. If they are, then there’s a chance the associate can put the item(s) on hold for you. However, Harbor Freight cannot currently process payments over the phone. So, even if you call ahead, you’ll still have to wait to actually purchase your items in person when you arrive.

How To Order Through The Phone At Harbor Freight

Placing an order through the phone at Harbor Freight isn’t entirely possible yet. However, you can start the process of purchasing your items by calling Harbor Freight to check on their inventory.

If you’d like to contact Harbor Freight to find out about purchasing an item same day, follow these steps:

  1. Find a Harbor Freight location nearest you
  2. Call the store phone number listed on the store location info
  3. Ask to speak to an associate and tell them which items you’re hoping to purchase
  4. The associate will be able to check the store’s inventory for you to let you know if the item(s) are in stock
  5. Depending on the store, the associate may be able to place your item(s) on hold for you until you arrive
  6. Drive to Harbor Freight and either pick up and purchase your hold item(s) from an associate or find the items you’d like to purchase on the shelf
  7. Go about purchasing your items as you normally would, using one of Harbor Freight’s accepted payment methods

Harbor Freight accepts the following forms of payment:

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallet forms are accepted at select Harbor Freight locations.

Even though does not list cash as one of their accepted forms of payment in store, we assume that customers can always pay in cash for in-store purchases. Checks are likely accepted as well.

Harbor Freight’s Delivery Schedule

The time it takes to receive a Harbor Freight order placed online will vary depending on when you placed your order, what and how much you purchased, where you live, etc.

Harbor Freight offers the following delivery time estimates based on shipping method:

  • Flat rate shipping: 5-7 business days
  • Express shipping: 2-4 business days
  • Truck shipping (for large items): 10-20 business days

Although their exact delivery schedule is not specified, Harbor Freight states that most orders are sent within 24 hours of being placed. Larger orders may take several days to process before shipping.

Select Harbor Freight locations in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami offer next-day delivery on some orders.

Harbor Freight Alternatives With Curbside Pickup

If you’re determined to find a hardware store that offers curbside pickup, hope is not lost. Plenty of Harbor Freight’s competitors offer curbside pickup for orders placed online.

Some major hardware stores that offer curbside pickup include:

  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • Ace Hardware
  • Menards


Does Harbor Freight offer free shipping?

No. Harbor Freight does not typically offer free shipping promotions.

Does Harbor freight do international shipping?

No. Harbor Freight only offers shipping within the US.

Does Harbor freight offer same-day pickup?

Yes, but not for online orders. To take advantage of same-day pickup from Harbor Freight, simply call your local Harbor Freight location and speak with an associate to find out if the item or items you’re looking for are in stock. If so, you can drive to Harbor Freight and purchase these items in person during opening hours.

Does Harbor Freight have pickup tool boxes?

Yes. You can pick up a toolbox from Harbor Freight by visiting your nearest Harbor Freight location. You can also call in advance to make sure the tool box you’re looking for is in stock before you go.


Harbor Freight does not offer curbside pickup as of 2022. They offer same-day pickup in store, which really just means that you can call ahead to check inventory and then drive to a Harbor Freight location to purchase your item. You cannot place orders over the phone, and Harbor Freight does not have a designated hold system.

You can always place orders online at, but shipping times range from 2 days to almost 3 weeks depending on what you buy and the shipping method you choose.

If you’re looking for a hardware store with guaranteed curbside pickup, try places like Ace Hardware, Home Depot, or Lowe’s.

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