Home Depot Return Policy Without A Receipt

The official Home Depot Return Policy specifies that most new, unopened items can be returned with proof of purchase within 90 days.

But what happens if you don’t have a receipt for your purchase?

Home depot Return Policy

Home Depot offers a flexible policy when it comes to making returns without a receipt. If you return your new, unopened item within 30 days of purchase, Home Depot may be able to locate your transaction if you paid with a credit card, debit card, or check.

If you paid for your purchase with cash and you do not have proof of purchase, your refund will likely be offered in the form of store credit.

A great exception to all of this is that if you make your Home Depot purchases using a Home Depot Credit Card, Home Depot Commercial Revolving Charge, or Home Depot Commercial Account, your purchase will be searchable for a full 365 days after the purchase date.

By pulling up your purchase record in their system, Home Depot is essentially reproducing your proof of purchase. So, while you do not necessarily have to have a receipt in hand when you go to make your return, some form of proof of purchase will be expected.

If no proof of purchase can be produced, your return will either be denied, or you will be offered a refund in the form of store credit.

To put it simply, Home Depot accepts returns without a receipt if your purchase record can be located in Home Depot’s sales records.

Some other key points include:

  • For purchases made on debit cards, credit cards, or by check, you have 30 days to return your item without a receipt.
  • In-store cash purchases can only be returned for store credit at the lowest advertised price if proof of purchase is not provided.
  • Purchases made using a Home Depot credit card, revolving credit, or commercial account can be returned without a receipt within 365 days.

If Home Depot cannot locate a sales record of your purchase, you will not be able to receive a refund. When returning an item without a receipt, you will be expected to provide a valid form of government-issued identification.

Is Home Depot Changing Their Return Policy?

Unfortunately, Home Depot tightened up their return policy a bit in February 2022.

Prior to this change, Home Depot had a more flexible policy when it came to accepting returns without receipts, and they also had a longer return window.

How Long Is Home Depot’s Return Policy?

If you made your purchase with a credit card, debit card, or check, you have 90 days to return your new, unopened items to Home Depot.

If you do not have a receipt and you made your purchase with a credit card, debit card, or check, you have 30 days to return your new, unopened item.

If you make your Home Depot purchases with a Home Depot payment method (such as a Home Depot Credit Card), you have 365 days to return your new, unopened items with or without a receipt.

The following items may only be returned to Home Depot within 30 days:

  • Furniture
  • Area rugs
  • Gas-powered equipment and tractors
  • Generators (other than Whole House and Stationary Generators, which cannot be returned)
  • Televisions
  • Computers

Are There Exceptions To The Home Depot Return Policy?

The following items cannot be returned to Home Depot:

  • Gift cards
  • Whole House and Stationary Generators
  • Utility trailers
  • Cut flowers and floral arrangements
  • Labor, delivery, and/or installation services
  • Product samples
  • Custom products (including blinds and other custom items ordered through the Home Depot Design Center)

How Can You Extend The Return Policy Window?

The best way to get a longer return window for your Home Depot purchases is to shop with a Home Depot Credit Card.

All qualifying purchases made with a Home Depot Credit Card have a full year to be returned with or without a receipt!

How To Return Your Purchase To Home Depot

To return an item to a Home Depot retail location:

  1. Bring the following items with you to any Home Depot location: a) your item with all of its original packaging, b) a valid, government-issued ID, c) your original form of payment, and d) a purchase receipt, purchase record, packing slip or other proof of purchase
  2. If you do not have a receipt, make sure that you are requesting your return within 30 days (or within 365 days if you used a Home Depot Credit Card as payment)
  3. When you enter Home Depot, find the returns and exchanges counters (these are usually located to the left of the front doors when you enter, but if you’re having trouble finding them, ask an associate)
  4. Let the associate at the returns counter know that you would like to return your item
  5. The associate will walk you through the rest of the process

To return an item to Home Depot online:

  1. Visit HomeDepot.com and pull up your order by searching for the order number here
  2. You can also sign in to your HomeDepot.com account here to look up your online order history
  3. Once you’ve located your order, select the “returns” option and follow the prompts to request your return
  4. HomeDepot.com will provide you with a return shipping label, which you can print and use to return your item
  5. Processing of your refund could take several weeks depending on shipping and bank processing times

Items purchased on HomeDepot.com can be returned to a Home Depot retail location. However, items purchased in store cannot be returned online.

Home Depot Online Returns on your schedule

If you have any issues requesting your Home Depot return, you can always contact Home Depot’s Online Customer Support at 1-800-430-3376 seven days a week from 6 a.m. – 2 a.m. ET (closed Christmas Day).

How Do You Get Refunds From Home Depot?

The refund you receive from Home Depot will depend on your original form of payment.

If you return your item within 30 days without a receipt, or within 90 days with a receipt (except in the case of Home Depot Credit Card purchases which have a one year return window), you will receive your refund to your original form of payment, unless you paid in cash and cannot produce proof of purchase.

If you request a refund for a purchase you made with cash and you cannot provide proof of purchase, you will receive your refund in the form of store credit.

Returns processed in person at a Home Depot location will be refunded to you immediately. The time it takes to receive your refund for an online return will depend on shipping and processing times. The fastest way to receive your refund is to go to Home Depot in person.

It’s also important to note that even when your return is processed and your refund is issued, it can take between 2 and 10 business days to receive the money back in your account due to bank processing times.

Does Home Depot Have A Strict Return Policy?

When it comes to major retail return policies, Home Depot’s is on the stricter side. Ever since they amended their policy in February 2022, they allow fewer opportunities for no-receipt returns, making them less flexible than some other retailers.

Home Depot has quite a few expectations for their customers who wish to receive full refunds, including:

  • Requiring a valid, government-issued ID
  • Requiring that a sales record be traceable in order to issue a full refund
  • Denying full refunds for cash purchases without a receipt (store credit only)
  • Restricting refunds on opened or used items

But Home Depot’s return policy isn’t all bad news!

They do offer a massive loophole for customers who shop using their Home Depot Credit Card or any other payment form linked directly to Home Depot (with the exception of gift cards). With these payment methods, you have a full year to take advantage of Home Depot returns on most items, whether or not you have a receipt.

When it comes to restricting no-receipt returns, Home Depot definitely keeps track of who is taking advantage of this service and how often.

In a 2018 interview with Business Insider, a Home Depot spokesman claimed that the company does keep track of returns made without receipts. This might even be a part of why the company decided to tighten up their policy just a few years later.

According to the same interview, Home Depot does not track returns if they’re made with valid proof of purchase.

Comparison of Home Depot Return Policy With Lowes

Home Depot’s return policy might seem a bit strict on its own, but when you compare it to their primary competitor, Lowe’s, it’s actually fairly flexible.

While Lowe’s return policy looks almost exactly the same as Home Depot’s on the surface (90 days for returns, receipt and ID required, etc.), the fine print tells a different story.

It may seem extreme, but if you want to return a major appliance to Lowe’s, you better act quick. This home improvement retailer only allows customers 48 hours from pick up or delivery to initiate returns on major appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.

However, if you do not open or disturb the packaging of your product in any way, you can return it within 90 days.

Lowe’s also requires that the following items be returned within 30 days:

  • Liquid paint
  • TVs and electronics
  • Outdoor power equipment, such as mowers, chainsaws, etc.
  • Water heaters
  • Air conditioners
  • Highway trailers

Holiday items purchased at Lowe’s must be returned on or before the date of the corresponding holiday.

That said, Lowe’s does offer cash refunds on debit card purchases, which is a leg up on Home Depot.

With all this in mind, it’s pretty clear that Lowe’s has far more exceptions to their return policy, making the Home Depot return policy a bit more flexible.


Does Home Depot limit no receipt returns?

Yes. Home Depot recently changed their return policy so that returns without a receipt must be made within 30 days. Cash purchases returned without a receipt are not eligible for full cash refunds. If you made your purchase with a Home Depot Credit Card, then you will have one full year to return your item, with or without a receipt.

How much can you return at Home Depot without a receipt?

Home Depot does not specify exactly how much customers can return without proof of purchase. However, it is likely that each store uses discretion to decide whether a customer is abusing the return policy. Home Depot keeps track of customers who request no-receipt returns.

Can you return discounted or clearance items to Home Depot?

Yes. Home Depot’s return policy does not limit returns on discounted or clearance items.

Can you return a plant to Home Depot?

Yes! With the exception of cut flowers and floral arrangements, plants can be returned to Home Depot for a full refund. If you purchase Bonnie plants with Miracle Gro soils and/or plant food, you will have 1 year to return your purchase and receive a full refund if your plants do not yield a harvest.

Can you return an opened item to Home Depot?

Technically, Home Depot’s return policy states that they only accept returns on new, unopened items. However, if you are able to provide all of the product’s original packaging, plus a sales receipt, then there is a chance you will still be able to receive a refund.

Can you return to any Home Depot store?

Yes. In-person returns can be requested or processed at any Home Depot location. This applies to purchases made both online and in store.


The Home Depot return policy might not be the most generous return policy in the world, but it’s definitely more flexible than their key competitor, Lowe’s.

Returning purchases without a receipt to Home Depot is definitely possible, though you will need to act within 30 days unless you made your purchase with a Home Depot Credit Card.

Shopping with a Home Depot Credit Card allows you to return items, with or without a receipt, within one full year of purchase. This silver lining makes Home Depot’s return policy stand out and offers motivation to customers to sign up for a Home Depot Credit Card.

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