Squishmallows Collection at Aldi (Regular + Seasonal)

Aldi is known for its collection of specialty time-limited items, specifically under the Aldi Finds collection.

Some of these items are so popular that customers are disappointed when they run out. As such, Aldi tries to restock them and make customers happy.

One such item that was popular among Aldi loyalists was the squishmallow. They were unveiled like any other specialty item, and the reception was overwhelming.

We’ll expound more about this item in this piece and inform you if they are still available at Aldi stores.

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Does Aldi Have Squishmallows?

Yes, Aldi has different squishmallows available in their specialty buys collection. However, stock levels vary from store to store and check with one close to you to see if they are available at any particular time.

Most squishmallows are available in their Aldi finds collection, sold individually or in a packaged gift box.

Holiday squishmallows

What Size are Aldi Squishmallows?

Aldi squishmallows are about 18 centimeters long each. Some may vary from this dimension — for instance, baby squishmallows that are slightly smaller.

The squishmallows are round-shaped, mimicking small animals in various color blends. A few examples are light green with a white patch, pure white with a brown patch around the ears and tummy, and a grey one with a white patch on the belly. The color blends make them exciting, and you can always pick one with a combination aligned to your color preferences.

How Did Squishmallows Get so Popular?

Social media largely fueled the squishmallow craze. On Tiktok, the #squishmallows hashtag has over 553 million views, with the r/squishmallows subreddit with over 12,000 members. Many people admit to owning multiple of them due to their colorability and how adoring they look.

They first went viral in September 2020 and quickly became the norm. Several influencers posted videos of their collections or them finding specific types of squishmallows. With people trying to grow their collection of various kinds of squishmallows, sales skyrocketed, a reason they quickly sold out at Aldi.

How Much Are Aldi Squishmallows Aldi?

Aldi squishmallows cost $3.99 each. However, prices may vary depending on the specific types available in stock and other factors.

A packaged version containing three squishmallows and a kid’s book costs $14.99. Note that they offered this version under the Aldi Finds collection.

Where Can You Buy Squishmallows at Aldi?

Most Aldi squishmallows are available under the Aldi Finds collection. Watch out for the weekly newsletter for upcoming Aldi Finds items for a chance to catch a new collection of squishmallows.

When Does Aldi Restock Squishmallows?

Like any other item available under the Aldi Finds collection, there’s no definite date or time when Aldi will restock them. These items are meant to be surprises in a way, and Aldi doesn’t tell when exactly to expect them in their stores. Watch out for the newsletters for Aldi finds ‌, and you’ll be sure to find squishmallows at some point.

Seasonal Squishmallows

Does Aldi have Halloween squishmallows?

Yes, Aldi has Halloween, grim reaper, ghost, vampire, werewolf, and cat squishmallows. Watch out for the Aldi finds items in the weeks around Halloween for these and other themed squishmallows.

Does Aldi have Easter squishmallows?

Yes, Aldi has Easter pink bunny, blue bunny, unicorn, chick, and lamb squishmallows. They’re available during the Easter period and you’ll likely get them on the Aldi Finds collections around this season.

Does Aldi have squishmallows for Valentine’s?

Yes, they’re available during Valentine’s period. Check out the Aldi Finds collection in the weeks leading to February 14 for this item.

Does Aldi have Christmas Squishmallows?

Yes, Aldi has Santa and Christmas tree squishmallows available during the Christmas season. Watch out for Aldi Finds collections during this period.


Aldi is known for its unique collection of items, and squishmallows are also available. Enthusiasts who want to jump onto this bandwagon should watch out for the weekly Aldi Finds selections for excellent varieties of squishmallows to add to their collections.

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