Aldi Has 3 New Flavors of Sparkling Water for Summer, including Peach!

Aldi has 3 new flavors of sparkling water: Strawberry, watermelon and peach! 

aldi sparkling water peach watermelon strawberry


Aldi Sparkling Water

If there’s one Aldi product we buy EVERY SINGLE WEEK it’s PurAqua Belle Vie Sparkling Flavored Water. You can’t beat $2.69 for a 12-pack of refreshing flavored soda water with zero calories, carbs and sugar!

We’ve been satisfied with the current selection of lemon, lime, grapefruit, tangerine, passionfruit, and pure flavors– and then, almost out of nowhere, Aldi released 3 new flavors of sparkling water and we couldn’t be more excited!

PurAqua Belle Vie strawberry, peach and watermelon flavors are now in stores … but we have no idea for how long!

aldi sparkling water peach strawberry watermelon

When the Aldi ad came out this week, the new summer flavors were included under ‘ALDI Finds‘, which are here today, gone tomorrow. If that’s the case, then peach, strawberry, and watermelon will not be restocked once they sell out.

This makes us very sad because the new flavors, specifically peach and strawberry, are exceptional — seriously some of the best sparkling water we’ve had and we’ve tried just about every brand/flavor combo.

PurAqua Belle Vie peach

We’ve stocked up on a few 12-packs in the event that these are truly ALDI Finds, but we hope Aldi will consider keeping the new flavors around until the end of summer.

Peach, watermelon and strawberryPurAqua Belle Vie is priced at either $2.69 or $2.99 for 12 cans, depending on location.


  1. I’m definitely a fan of the Bella Vie! I look forward to hopefully finding these flavors in my store soon. They even have Bella Vie Bold by me (Northwestern Chicagoland Suburbs) for a little more money and only 8 cans but features flavors like cherry lime and blackberry cucumber. Lately, Aldi has been sold out of most of their standard Bella Vie, leading me to their sale priced LaCroix yet I’d prefer these 12 cans for $2.69 as they’re delicious! Cheers!

  2. Our locations didn’t get these flavors and have been out of seltzer since mid-October. It’s nearly Christmas and still no palettes back in store. Is it all discontinued?

  3. best sparkling water on the market. and half the price of its main competitors granted lacroix IS superior in the all-important grapefruit and lime flavors, but aside from those belle vie wins every time. its a shame (haha) that the watermelon will not be restocked as it is one of the best flavors ive ever tasted and lacroixs version (one of their newest mind you) is painfully bad. if anyone can talk to anyone at ALDI about this, please make it happen. i will be ever grateful and buy pallets just for personal hydration. ill send one here too:)

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