German Christmas Candies, Cable Knit Throws, and More Items You Can’t Miss at Aldi This Week

Keep an eye out for the German Christmas candies and cookies on endcap displays in Aldi stores now!

Whew! The great Aldi Advent Calendar craze has passed for this year, at least until that Sparkling Wine Calendar comes out next month. Now that we have all gotten our wine, cheese and chocolate, it’s time to turn our attention to the other Aldi Finds we might have missed in the frenzy!

German Christmas Candies

German Christmas Candies

Many Aldi stores have started setting up an end cap with all kinds of German Christmas Candies and other treats. You will find many of them under the Winternacht brand name. Outside of Aldi’s recurring German Week, the holiday season is one of the best times of year to find food imported from Germany at Aldi. In addition to these milk chocolate peanut clusters, look for chocolate-covered pretzels and wafer cookies, iced cinnamon stars and several varieties of iced and chocolate-dipped gingerbread. These may not last until Christmas, so get your must-haves when you see them.

Huntington Home Tablecloth with Napkin Sets

Huntington Home Tablecloth Sets

If you are hosting anytime over the holidays, you need these! The tablecloths are available in all your standard sizes in two different cotton plaids, or red or gray jacquard. Each tablecloth comes with SIX matching napkins. This set is priced amazingly low at $9.99 — that’s less than we would expect to pay for the napkins alone. (Available in store by 11/13.)

Specially Selected Wine Infused Marinaras

Aldi Rose Wine Marinara Sauce

These bougie marinara sauces are available infused with either Rosé or Chianti. We’re thinking the Rosé would be especially delicious tossed with pasta and shrimp or scallops.

Huntington Home Cable Knit Throws

Aldi cable knit throws

Talk about cozy. These sweater-knit throws will warm up your living room or bedroom decor. They are available in red, gray, or ivory, and they seem like the perfect thing for cuddling up on the couch to watch a Christmas movie and eat some of those Christmas candies you stocked up on! These throws are priced at just $14.99. (Available in store by 11/13.)

Emporium Selection Cranberry White Cheddar Cheese

Aldi Cranberry White Cheddar Cheese

This perennial Aldi favorite is back for another holiday season. It’s the perfect addition to a holiday cheese tray for any celebration, and we’re fond of just eating it with some crackers and calling it lunch. This is a “seasonal favorite,” which means it may be around until Christmas, but will probably disappear from the refrigerator case at your store soon after.

Baker’s Corner Marshmallow Creme and Molasses

Aldi Marshmallow creme

Aldi Molasses

We’ll lump these two Aldi Finds together and put them in the category of baking things you need that you won’t find year-round. If you use these two classic ingredients in any of your family’s holiday recipes, you’ll want to pick them up when you see them at Aldi. Take a look for these other Aldi holiday baking items, too. (Available in store by 11/13.)

Specially Selected Sourdough Cheese Crisps

Sourdough cheese crisps at Aldi

These crackers come in two varieties — Asiago and Cheddar, or Romano. They are rustic favorites often found in gourmet stores for twice the money you will pay at Aldi, and they will dress up any charcuterie board! These would also be great as a gift in a gourmet food basket, paired with other holiday finds such as the wine-infused marinaras or any of those Winternacht German Christmas Candies.

Cranberry Orange with Chianti Relish

Cranberry Orange with Chianti Relish

Another holiday item that will be great on a charcuterie board is this amazing sounding relish, which you should be able to find with the other refrigerated Aldi Finds in your store. We’re thinking it will also be amazing on that leftover turkey sandwich you’ll be eating on Nov. 29. (Available in store by 11/13.)

Huntington Home Scented Pine Cones

Aldi Scented Pine Cones

These cinnamon-scented holiday decorating staples were being sold for just $3.49 a bag in our store, and they were going quickly when we spotted them over the weekend. Cinnamon-scented brooms made from pine straw were also available. Legend has it that hanging a cinnamon-scented broom in your home brings love and luck.

Christmas Cactus

Aldi Christmas cactus

Known for their long-lasting blooms throughout the holiday season, a Christmas Cactus would make a great little gift to take to your Thanksgiving dinner host. (Available in store by 11/13.)

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