Aldi’s Fried Pickle Ranch Chips Are the New Flavor You’ve Gotta Try

These Fried Pickle Ranch Chips are one of September’s first must-try Aldi Finds! 

OK, we will admit it. We are suckers for fun, new flavors of potato chips.

Fortunately, Aldi brings us a steady stream of new chips to try. We’re pretty sure our favorites so far this year were the Nashville Hot Chicken Chips in June.

Until now…

Clancy's Fried Pickle Ranch Chips

We just found out that Aldi is introducing this Fried Pickle Ranch chips soon! These wavy chips promise pickle and ranch flavor — just like one of our favorite appetizers.

Sounds like it will be the fried pickle and dip, all rolled into one!

These new chips are due in Aldi stores September 2, just in time to stock up for your Labor Day weekend snacking pleasure.

Why the long face? Are pickles not your thing?

Well, there’s another flavor coming to U.S. Aldi Stores in the ad starting September 2, as well, and this one is sure to be a crowd pleased.

loaded bacon cheddar chips


Loaded Bacon & Cheddar Wavy Chips. Say that with me again: Loaded Bacon & Cheddar Wavy Chips. It’s bacon. It’s cheddar. It’s chips. What’s not to love?

Aldi pickle chips

Which of these new flavors of Clancy’s potato chips will you crack open first? Let us know in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group!

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