Doe Costco Provide Free Tire Rotation?

Getting your tires rotated is an important part of maintaining the life of your tires. Tire rotation can help prevent uneven wear which can reduce the likelihood of flats and blowouts. If you’re interested in getting your tires rotated at Costco but wondering about the cost, keep reading!

Costco tires

You might not believe it but tire rotation at Costco is completely free! One of the best things about buying tires at Costco is that they offer lifetime free tire rotation.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait… what’s the catch?” And it’s true: there are a couple of limitations to Costco’s free tire rotation service.

First off, you have to be a Costco Wholesale member, and second, you have to buy your tires at Costco. Costco will not rotate tires that were not purchased at Costco.

If you buy your tires at Costco, you get access to free rotation for life, on top of a ton of other amazing benefits. For more information about buying tires at Costco, visit the Costco Tire Center FAQ page.

Check out this list of all the perks you get access to when buying tires at Costco, including lifetime maintenance services!

  • Tire installation (with an installation fee)
  • Free lifetime tire balancing
  • Free lifetime rotation
  • Free lifetime flat repair
  • Free lifetime tire pressure checks
  • Wheel alignment services
  • Free new rubber valve stem
  • Costco Wholesale’s 5-year Road Hazard Warranty
  • Discounts on tire prices

Check out Costco’s Tire Center FAQs to learn more.

Are Costco Tires Reasonably Priced?

New tires at Costco are very reasonably priced, and are often even cheaper than at discount tire centers. For example, a set of four Michelin all-season tires costs $631.96 right now at Costco, while the same set of four tires costs almost $1,500.00 from (I couldn’t believe it either!). That’s more than 50% in savings. Plus, Costco offers discounts on tire pricing if you choose to have your tires installed at a Costco Tire Center.

Costco sells major tire brands like Michelin, BFGoodrich, Firestone, and Bridgestone.

How Often Should Tires Be Rotated?

According to Tires Plus, tires should be rotated about every 7,500 miles. Other sources state a range of between 5,000 and 8,000 miles.

How To Schedule Tire Rotation At Costco

It’s super easy to make a tire rotation appointment online. While Costco Tire Center does accept walk-ins, there’s always a possibility that you’ll end up waiting for a long time, especially if you arrive on a busy day. Costco recommends making an appointment online in advance.

How Does Tire Rotation Work At Costco?

Getting your tires rotated at Costco is easy. Simply make an appointment online (or show up whenever you’d like if you’re willing to wait) and let the employees know that you’ve arrived for a tire rotation.

If you have an appointment, then the process should begin immediately. It’s hard to say exactly how long the process will take, because this can depend on staffing and other factors, but some sources state that rotation can be as quick as 20 minutes while other customers have reported waiting as long as 3 hours to get their car back. It’s a good idea to plan your tire rotation appointment around a shopping trip at the warehouse so that you’ll have something to do while you wait for your vehicle.

There are a few limitations to tire rotation at Costco. Costco will not rotate golf cart tires or tires for UTVs.

Does Costco Rotate Tires Bought From Other Stores?

Unfortunately, the one drawback to using the Costco Tire Center is that even if you are a Costco member, the retailer will only rotate tires purchased at Costco. Just one more reason to start purchasing your tires at Costco!

What Other Services Does Costco Tire Center Offer?

Costco tire center offers loads of amazing services, including…

  • Rotation
  • Balancing
  • Nitrogen inflation
  • Nitrogen conversion
  • Flat repair


How long does tire rotation take at Costco?

It’s hard to say exactly how long this process will take because different factors can impact this, but the process can range from as quick as 20 minutes to as long as 3 hours.

How to find your nearest Costco Tire Service Center?

To find your nearest Costco Tire Center, simply use the Costco store locator tool.

What are Costco’s Tire Center hours?

Most Costco Tire Centers open at 10 AM and close at 8:30 PM.

Are Costco tires cheap?

Costco tires are very reasonably priced and are often even cheaper than tires from discount suppliers.

Can you rotate your own tires?

Absolutely. Rotating your own tires is always an option. You will just need a vehicle jack, jack stands, and a lug wrench. Most modern vehicles come equipped with these supplies, as they are also needed for changing flat tires in roadside situations.


There, you have it! Everything you ever wanted to know about getting your tires rotated at Costco. As far as we can tell, it’s just one more great reason to become a Costco member today so that you can access all of these amazing benefits. Lifetime services and a lot of freebie maintenance services. Can you believe that a Costco membership is only $60 per year? Amazing!


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