10 Worst Costco Purchases Ever Made According to Shoppers

What was the worst product you’ve ever purchased at Costco? Someone on a social platform was curious about the things that sounded good but turned into absolute disappointments. Here are some thoughts.

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1. Frozen Chicken

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Costco members confess that the frozen chicken doesn’t taste like the ones at the food court they used to have. The flavor is terrible and not always the same. Costco says microwaving gives better results, but it doesn’t. You can try brushing a little caesar dressing to salvage the taste.

2. Fish-Based Protein Noodles

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This product name doesn’t give much promise. Some Costco shoppers say that as much as they are game to try new products, this is a huge no. One said that they feel like they are eating fish parasites. You may need an excellent recipe to get out of your head on this one.

3. Protein Bars

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Some Costco protein bars have the consistency of wall spackle. Numerous shoppers agree that sometimes Costco has a bad batch of protein bars. One recommends putting them in the microwave for five-seven seconds. It softens them considerably.

4. Feit Light Bulbs

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A customer shares that they outfitted their entire house with these bulbs and started failing after a year. Every couple of days, a new one would go out. They stored the bulbs in a bag and took them back. Costco refunded them since the bulbs were advertised to last 20 years. Initially, they’d purchased 40 but returned close to 3/4 of them.

5. Dyson Fan

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Another says that Costco had a good deal on this fan. It cost 300 dollars. However, it turned out to be absolute junk and was unnecessarily loud at high speed. They took it back the same day as they were so disappointed.

6. Goodyear Wiper Blades

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When the deal is too good, there’s a good chance the product is mediocre. A patron explains they bought a set of these wipes because the deal was too good to pass. The wipes streaked almost immediately and didn’t work in the rain. They purchased another pair to confirm how bad they were, but they had to switch to another brand.

7. Kirkland Pulled Pork

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Another thread contributor says they always loved this product but got a bad package once, which ruined it for them. They threw the entire thing away and can’t make themselves try it again. Whenever they see the package at the store, they’re turned off.

8. Kirkland Paper Towels

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An avid shopper adds that each sheet of Kirkland paper towels is 1.5 times the size of a bounty sheet but absorbs far less. They say that you can’t clean a spill using it.

9. Fresh Broccoli Florets

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At Costco, produce is a hit or miss. Numerous members agree that their fresh produce goes bad twice as fast as from other stores. When you open their bag of fresh broccoli, florets smell like rotten farts. The broccoli is slimy and mushy and goes bad super fast.

10. Vegan Shredded Cheese

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Finally, a shopper states that they thought they’d landed a great deal when they spotted a king-kong-size bag of vegan cheese for three dollars. They were on a veggie kick with their wife, and they thought vegan cheese was a great way to kickstart their vegan journey. The smell was slightly off when they bought it, but they’d experienced worse. 

It melted like regular cheese, but it turned putrid real quick. They had to throw it out immediately as it ruined their chips. It was impossible to request a refund since they didn’t want it in their house anymore. They’re thankful they are yet to spot the product again at Costco.

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