Costco French Macarons by Tipiak (36-count)

If you’re a fan of French bakeries, then you’re probably already familiar with the small, colorful confections known as macarons. These are not to be confused with macaroons, which are typically made with coconut and chocolate and are not traditional to French baking. If you’re curious to try a real French macaron, keep reading to find out about the ones sitting on your neighborhood Costco’s shelves.

Costco Macarons

Does Costco Have Macarons?

Costco sells these French treats from a brand called Tipiak, which is based in France. Each box of 36 macarons costs $20.99 at Costco.

While Costco does carry these macarons year round, the flavors are seasonal and a new edition is released each spring.

Due to the limited-edition nature of these yearly desserts, Tipiak Macarons can only be purchased in-store at a Costco Warehouse, or online through other Tipiak suppliers. Costco does not sell macarons online.

Tipiak makes 36-count packages of assorted French macarons, which currently come in the following flavors as of spring 2022:

  • Raspberry
  • Peaches & Cream
  • Lemon & Yuzu
  • Pistachio
  • Blueberry
  • Intense Chocolate

These macarons are a product of France, and they are also gluten free. Each season, Costco releases a new assortment of macarons from Tipiak. In the past, they’ve featured flavors like lime, passionfruit, blood orange, and white chocolate.

During the lead up to Valentine’s Day, Costco sometimes stocks heart-shaped macarons from Tipiak as well. However, this seems to be a seasonal item available only in January and February.

Costco Macarons Ingredients

Costco’s Tipiak Macarons are fairly traditional when it comes to their recipe. Made with almond flour and egg whites, these macarons are naturally gluten free. However, because they contain eggs and butter, they are not vegan.

The full ingredients list for Costco’s Macarons varies depending on each flavor, but here’s an example of what’s inside the raspberry-flavored macaron:

  • Icing sugar (powdered sugar)
  • Sugar
  • Raspberry puree
  • Raspberry filling (contains raspberry puree, sugar, lemon juice, pectin)
  • Powdered almond (almond flour)
  • Egg white
  • Butter
  • Red beet
  • Skim milk powder
  • Carrageenan
  • Raspberry natural flavor
  • Xanthan gum

Costco Macarons Nutrition Facts

Three Tipiak Macarons contain 160 calories, 7 grams of fat, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 18 grams of sugar, 4 grams of protein, and 50 mg of sodium. Not the worst as far as cookies go, but it’s probably no surprise that these aren’t exactly a health food. Eighteen grams of sugar might sound low for three cookies, but keep in mind that each cookie is only about two inches in diameter.

Costco Macarons Review

There really is no debate on this one: Costco Macarons have unanimously positive reviews. We literally couldn’t find a single bad review!

Check out these rave reviews from satisfied buyers across the country:

Costco Macarons Review 1

Costco Macarons Review 2


Does Costco have heart-shaped macarons?

Yes, but only during January and February. Costco sells heart-shaped macarons from Tipiak in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day as a seasonal item.

Does Costco sell frozen macarons?

No, but you could certainly try freezing them at home.

How long do Costco macarons last?

Tipiak Macarons sold at Costco do not have much in the way of preservatives, so they will spoil eventually. However, sugar acts as a natural preservative and will keep these cookies from going bad for at least a couple of weeks. Try keeping them in an air-tight container, and be sure to store them in the fridge since they contain eggs and dairy. The first sign they’re starting to go bad will probably come with a stale or dry texture.

Do Costco macarons need to be refrigerated?

Yes. Tipiak Macarons sold at Costco should be stored in the fridge to prevent spoiling.

Will macarons soften in the fridge?

Yes. The longer your cookies sit in the fridge, the more moisture they will naturally reabsorb, causing them to become less crisp. Store them in an airtight container to cut down on moisture exposure.


While they’re certainly not the healthiest thing in the world, Tipiak Macarons from Costco are an amazing treat to reward yourself with each spring. Available in 36-packs featuring five assorted flavors that change every year, these are a surprising and delightful dessert that everyone will enjoy. And for only $20.99, that’s just about 50 cents per cookie. Yum!

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