Can You Still Shop at Costco If You Forgot Your Card?

Costco membership is a great way to save money on purchases at this store. Members can buy many products at lower prices and get free shipping for specific ones. But if you forget your card at home, what are your options? 

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Costco Membership Card
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Yes, you can still shop at Costco, even if you forgot your card. You’ll have to visit the service counter and request a temporary card to use for shopping. Then, submit your ID and name, and they will look to your customer number as they confirm your membership status. If your card gets lost, they’ll send a replacement to you.

Alternatively, you can download the Costco app and set up a digital membership card. You’ll use this digital membership card anytime you forget your membership card. You can download the app on your iOS or Android phone, and if you are a Costco member.

Does Costco Check Your ID and Card at the Entrance?

Costco used to check ID and cards at the entrance to make sure that only members can shop there, but they have launched a digital membership card which brings an end to all this. This was done to ensure that only members enjoy the benefits of shopping at Costco.

What to Do If You Forgot Your Costco Card at Home?

If you forget your Costco card, you’ll have to go to the membership department to receive a temporary pass or a replacement membership card.

To shop at Costco using the temporary card;

  • Visit the membership counter and request a temporary shopping card.
  • They will ask to see your ID to verify your identity and look up your membership number.
  • After your identity has been verified, you’ll be given a temporary card that you can use to shop at Costco.
  • Shop for your items and pay at the register.

Can You Pump Gas at Costco If You Forgot Your Card? 

You can pump gas at Costco without your Costco card, but you’ll need to have Costco Shop Card. Costco members only purchase a Costco shop card. This will allow you to serve yourself at the pump and pay.

Is There a Costco Digital Membership Card? 

There is a Costco digital membership card. The card allows you to enjoy the same shopping experience had you carried your plastic card. You can access it on your phone and use it for making purchases at Costco locations.

To apply for the Costco membership card;

  • Visit Google Play Store or App Store on your mobile device
  • Download the Costco app
  • Launch the app and tap the “Digital Membership Card” icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Sign in to your Costco account or create a new account
  • Verify your membership and confirm who you are
  • Your membership will be verified, and your card will appear

Costco has various membership options, including;

  • Executive membership for $120 annually, inclusive of a $60 membership fee and a $60 upgrade fee. This includes a free household card and extra benefits on travel products.
  • Business membership for $60 annually, including a free household card, and affiliate cardholders for $60 each
  • Gold star membership for $60 manually, including a free household card

How to Verify Costco Membership Number? 

To verify your Costco membership number:

  • Sign in to
  • Click the “Verify Membership” link on your “Accounts Details” page
  • Enter your membership number
  • Key in your zip code, first and last name
  • Answer public record questions and your membership will be verified

You can find your card number on your Costco membership card. The number is located on the back of the card, and it is a 16-digit number. If you don’t have your card, you can always call Costco customer service, and they’ll look up your membership number for you.

What If You Lost Your Costco Card? 

If you’ve lost your membership card, head over to the nearest warehouse, and customer service will be able to issue you a replacement card. You’ll need to provide them with some form of identification. 


Can Someone Use Your Lost Costco Card? 

It’s almost impossible for someone to use your lost Costco card because they must know your membership number and PIN. Also, the photo on the back of the card is a key identifier and will prevent them from using it.

Can Guests Shop at Costco? 

Guests can shop at Costco as long as they are accompanied by someone who is a Costco member. They’ll need to show their membership card for verification purposes. The option of bringing in guests is limited to two people.

Does Costco Have a Trial Membership? 

Costco doesn’t have a trial membership. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Costco Card?

After purchasing a Costco membership, you’ll receive it through email in two business days. This will include a digital card that you can access on your mobile device and use immediately. If you prefer to receive the plastic membership card, collect it at your nearest Costco store.


Membership cards are an essential part of the Costco experience. They allow you to shop at their stores and give you access to exclusive deals and offers. If you have lost your card or forgot it at home, there are still ways to shop at Costco. Next time you forget your Costco card, download the Costco app, access your digital membership card, and shop freely.

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