Buying Hearing Aids From Costco (+ Why You Can’t Order Online)

In 2023, cutting-edge hearing aid models include a variety of features to optimize convenience. Many of them are bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable, water-resistant, and more.

Keep reading to find out how to buy your next pair of hearing aids at Costco.

Costco Hearing Center

Best Hearing Aids Available At Costco

Similar to the Costco Pharmacy and Costco Optical, Costco also has its own chain of hearing centers located across the country. They employ hearing specialists who administer hearing tests to determine hearing loss needs and provide customers with top-of-the-line hearing aids.

As of 2023, Costco sells a limited selection of hearing aids from just three different brands–Jabra, Philips, and Rexton. Unfortunately, Costco no longer sells Kirkland Signature or Phonak-brand hearing aids.

Based on our research, these are the top three hearing aid models available at Costco…

  • Rexton Bi Core C R-Li (starting at $1,599.99) – These hearing aids are ideal for people with active lifestyles, as they deliver a sleek and slim design as well as a portable charging case. Their behind-the-ear design is suitable for anyone with mild to profound hearing loss, making them extremely versatile. Currently the smallest hearing aids available at Costco, they’re bluetooth-enabled for both Apple and Android devices and feature automatic setting options that adjust to your environment.
  • Jabra Enhance Pro 10 (starting at $1,699.99) – Although not quite as amazing as the Rexton Bi Cores, these Jabra Pros offer optimal sound quality and loads of convenient features. They’re bluetooth-enabled, rechargeable, and feature auto-adjusting settings.
  • Philips HearLink (starting at $1,599.99) – Finally, we have these Philips HearLink hearing aids, which use AI technology to reduce background noise for optimal sound quality and clarity. Like the other models on this list, they are bluetooth-enabled and rechargeable.

According to this in-depth review from, the Rexton Bi Core C R-Li hearing aids are the best overall hearing aids currently available at Costco. They offer the longest battery life and the smallest design for both discretion and convenience.

How To Buy Hearing Aids From Costco Hearing Aid Centers

To purchase hearing aids from Costco, you will first need to make an appointment for a free hearing test at a Costco Hearing Center. Hearing aids cannot be purchased through, and you must be a Costco member to purchase Costco hearing aids.

To schedule an appointment at a Costco Hearing Center, follow these steps…

  1. Find a Costco Hearing Aid Center near you using this locator tool
  2. Call the number provided and request to speak with the Hearing Aid Center
  3. Let a Hearing Center employee know that you would like to schedule an appointment for a hearing test
  4. Print and complete this patient intake form and bring it with you to your appointment (Spanish language version available here)

Why Can’t You Order Costco Hearing Aids Online?

The Costco Hearing Aid Center does not accept online orders because they require their customers to take a comprehensive hearing test prior to purchasing hearing aids. Without visiting a Costco Hearing Center in person, you will not be able to take this necessary test.

By visiting a Costco Hearing Center in person, you will receive top-tier assistance from a Costco hearing specialist who will test your hearing and assess your unique hearing needs. This is the best way to ensure that you will be investing in the right hearing aids for you.

Insurance Coverage & Payment Options 

Unfortunately, medical insurance does not typically cover the cost of hearing aids. So, you will be expected to pay out of pocket when purchasing hearing aids from Costco.

Costco does not offer payment plans or financing for hearing aids either, so you will be expected to pay in full upfront.

A great way to pay for your Costco hearing aids is by using a Costco Anywhere Visa credit card. With that card, you can receive 2% rewards on your purchase and pay over time through your credit card payments. Shopping with your Costco Anywhere Citi card will also automatically extend your hearing aids’ warranty by two years.

Pros and Cons

If you’re already a Costco member and you’re in need of hearing assistance, there’s really no reason not to rely on the Costco Hearing Aid Center.

The pros of buying hearing aids at Costco include…

  • Access to top-of-the-line products (despite being less expensive, the hearing aids available at Costco are on par with some of the top products on the market)
  • Competitive prices (hearing aids tend to be at least a few hundred dollars cheaper at Costco)
  • Competitive warranties (you will receive at least three years of warranty coverage on your Costco hearing aids)
  • Free follow-up care
  • Excellent customer service and quality of care

The only downsides of buying hearing aids at Costco are…

  • Limited selection
  • No online orders
  • Membership is required


How quickly can you get hearing aids from Costco?

The process typically takes about two weeks.

Can I buy hearing aids at Costco without a hearing test?

No. You must visit a Costco Hearing Center in person to have a free hearing test done before you can purchase hearing aids from Costco.

Can Costco hearing aids get wet?

No. While some models of hearing aids sold at Costco are water resistant, you should always remove your hearing aids before showering, bathing, or swimming. Walking through heavy rain should also be avoided without removing your hearing aids and putting them inside of their carrying case.

Does Costco have a trial period for hearing aids?

No. A trial period typically refers to a period during which you are not expected to pay for a product or service. Instead, Costco’s hearing aids are protected by a generous return policy and warranty. If you are not fully satisfied with your hearing aids in the first 180 days of owning them, you can return them for a full refund or exchange. After that, all hearing aids purchased at Costco are covered by an automatic three-year warranty, which covers all necessary repairs and replacements from normal wear and use during that time.

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