All the Items Coming to Aldi for German Week (Sept 20th – Sept 26th)

All the Items Coming to Aldi for German Week (Sept 20th – Sept 26th)

aldi german week favorites and must haves

German Week is back on 9/20/2023 and you can also pick up some Aldi Gear that same week!

Aldi’s German Week Delights: A Tour of Deutsche Küche Specials

Deutsche Küche Chocolate Covered Wafers – $2.49

Indulgent wafers generously enveloped in rich chocolate – perfect with an afternoon coffee.

Deutsche Küche Pork Schnitzel – $8.99

Breaded and seasoned pork cutlets ready to fry, reminiscent of traditional German eateries.

Deutsche Küche Peanut Puffs – $2.29

Crunchy and savory snacks made with peanuts. An ideal munch for peanut aficionados.

Deutsche Küche Apple Walnut or Bienenstich German Cakes – $8.49

Authentic German cakes, featuring classic flavors like apple and walnut or the delightful bee sting cake with honey and almonds.

Deutsche Küche Cheese or Garlic Sage Spaetzle – $4.99

German-style egg noodles, available in sumptuous cheese or aromatic garlic sage flavors.

Deutsche Küche German Style Pickles – $3.49

Crunchy pickles marinated in traditional German herbs and spices.

Deutsche Küche Raisin & Nut Müesli – $3.29

A wholesome blend of raisins and nuts for a nutritious start to the day.

Deutsche Küche Imported Fruit Strudel – $3.29

Flaky pastry filled with sweet fruits, perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Deutsche Küche Spinach & Ricotta or Artichoke & Cheese Savory Strudels – $4.49

A twist on the classic, with savory fillings like spinach & ricotta or artichoke & cheese.

Deutsche Küche Spritz Cookies – $2.99

Delicate and buttery cookies, a delightful bite with any hot beverage.

Deutsche Küche Chicken Schnitzel – $8.99

Crispy breaded chicken cutlets that bring a taste of Germany right to your table.

Deutsche Küche Bavarian Soft Pretzels – $4.79

Soft, chewy, and perfect with mustard or beer cheese dip.

Deutsche Küche Flavored Egg Spaetzle – $1.99

Traditional German dumplings, ready to pair with your favorite sauce or stew.

Deutsche Küche Herring Fillets in Flavored Sauce – $1.69

Tender herring fillets marinated in flavorful sauces, a classic German delicacy.

Deutsche Küche Doppelino Cookies – $3.49

Rich cookies with layers of flavor, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Deutsche Küche Cabbage Blend or Warm Potato Salad – $3.29

Classic German sides that pair well with sausages or schnitzels.

Deutsche Küche Cherry or Apple Frangipane Tarts – $3.89

Elegant tarts filled with cherry or apple, topped with a delicate almond cream layer.

Deutsche Küche German Breads – $2.49

A selection of hearty breads, perfect for sandwiches or to accompany any meal.

Deutsche Küche German Cream Cake Assorted Varieties – $7.99

Decadent cream cakes in various flavors, showcasing the best of German patisserie.

or Lentil Chickpea Soup – $2.99

Warm, hearty soups packed with flavor and nourishment.

Deutsche Küche Herbs of the Alps or Hash Brown Style Potato Sticks – $1.49

Crispy potato delights seasoned with unique alpine herbs or classic hash brown flavors.

Deutsche Küche Lemony Greens or Cheese Truffle Knopfli – $5.49

Distinctive German dishes with vibrant flavors, ideal as sides or standalone meals.

Deutsche Küche Nuremberg Bratwurst – $2.99

Traditional German sausages that are a must-try for any meat lover.

Deutsche Küche Sugar Roasted Almonds – $2.89

Sweetly roasted almonds, an irresistible snack or dessert topping.

Read Aldi Fan’s Favorites:

Get ready to be transported to the heart of Germany, right from the aisles of Aldi. As the chilly autumn breeze ushers in, we are proud to bring you a delightful spread of authentic German favorites. Dive into the comforting warmth of our Spaetzle, a noodle delicacy that pairs perfectly with any stew or sauce. And if you have a sweet tooth, our varied Strudels – from the classic Apple to the unique Spinach & Ricotta, will surely be a treat. For the pickle enthusiasts, our German style Pickles are a must-try.

  1. Spaetzle (or Spätzle) – German style noodles
  2. Strudels (with variations including Apple, Spinach & Ricotta, Fruits of the Forest, Caramel Apple, and Artichoke)
  3. Pickles (specifically “German style Pickles”)
  4. Muesli (especially Raisin Nut Muesli)
  5. Peanut butter puffs
  6. Schnitzel (with references to pork, chicken, beef, and veal schnitzel)
  7. Potato sticks (specifically alpine seasoned)
  8. Bavarian Soft Pretzels
  9. Spekulatius (spice cookies)
  10. Herring fillets
  11. Red cabbage
  12. Doppelino cookies
  13. Jaffa cakes (specifically Orange Jaffa cakes)
  14. Rum cake
  15. Frangipane tart
  16. Mustards (including sweet Bavarian and crunchy)
  17. Pumpernickel bread

Celebrate the flavors of Germany with these exquisite offerings from Aldi’s Deutsche Küche range during their special German Week!

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