Aldi Waffles Rated the Best in Magazine’s Taste Test

Stacked up with other brands, Aldi Waffles come out on top.

It’s a question asked nearly every day by a newbie in the Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group: Do Aldi products really compare to national name brands?

The folks at Taste of Home magazine would definitely say yes.

Magazine editors recently ran a frozen waffle taste test.

They toasted up and tasted eight different national brands of waffles, including varieties from Market Pantry (Target), Great Value (Walmart), Eggo, Kashi, Van’s, Trader Joe’s, Kodiak Cakes, and Aldi’s brand – Breakfast Best.

Breakfast Best Waffles from Aldi

The tasters tried each variety without knowing which was which — a blind test.

The criteria included the flavor, the quality of the indentations (do they catch just the right amount of syrup or jam), and how the waffles toast.

And guess what? The Aldi waffles came out on top! They received “Best in Show” from Taste of Home magazine.

The Breakfast Best waffles scored big for their texture. One of the testers said the “crunch to fluff ratio is perfect” on these breakfast treats. In addition, Taste of Home noted that the indentations on the waffles was perfect.

Taste of Home noted that Aldi products often win its blind taste tests! Other recent wins for Aldi have included its Angel Food Cake Mix, Crescent Rolls, Peanut Butter Cups, and Potato Chips.

Have you tried the Breakfast Best waffles? What did you think?

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  1. It is quite possible the waffles are made for Aldi by a major brand such as Kelloggs (Eggos) or Vans. If you look at the packaging of most items, they look similar to that of the national brand. Not sure if that means that brand is the partner or if it is being copied. I know for a fact that the bagged lettuce is from Dole and fresh chicken is from Tyson because of recent recalls.

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