Aldi is Selling Travel Candles That Will Soothe Your Wanderlust

These Aldi travel candles are new to stores in April!

We are a year into worldwide travel restrictions, and we have to admit that the itch to travel again is really starting to get to us.

And we may not be the only ones, because someone at Aldi has dreamed up a new collection of Aldi travel candles!

Aldi Travel candles

These soy-blend candles appear to have three wicks and come with cork lids.

They are due in stores for the ad week of April 7, and they will retail for $3.99 each.

Here’s a look at each of the candles available in this Aldi candle collection:

Amalfi Coast Candle

Transport yourself to the bright blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea with this candle, which has a Sea Salt and Rainlily Scent.

amalfi coast travel candle at Aldi

Garden of the Gods Candle

Imagine that you are hiking or horseback riding through the beautiful Colorado red rock formations when you light this candle, which has a Cedarleaf and Woodsmoke scent.

Aldi travel candles - garden of the gods

Forbidden City Candle

Pretend you are strolling through the traditional gardens of the Forbidden City when you burn this candle, which is scented with Bamboo and Lotus.

aldi forbidden city candle

Iguazu Falls Candle

Imagine you are gazing down over the Devil’s Throat Canyon with this candle, which has a Midnight Orchid and Nectarine scent.

Iguazu Falls candle at Aldi

All four of these scents sound really interesting, and we’re excited to see (and sniff!) these in person!

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