Aldi Summer Fruit Wines are Back With Two New Flavors!

These Aldi summer fruit wines are a sweet addition to weekend cookouts or a trip to the beach.

One sure sign of summer has been the return of Aldi’s summer fruit wines, but this year Aldi is introducing two brand new flavors early — right at the start of Spring!

One of the members of our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community spotted these new wines in stores in March!

aldi mango wine and aldi blueberry wine
Photo courtesy of Lea Curry Bermudez

That’s right Aldi is bringing us Sweet Mango wine AND Sweet Blueberry wine!

Here’s what Lea Curry Bermudez had to say about them:

They are both good, but I love the mango way more than the blueberry. (I’m a Hawaii girl, I’m all about the tropical flavors!)

If you haven’t tried these fruity concoctions, here’s what you need to know:


Aldi Summer Fruit Wines are now available in three flavors - sweet peach, sweet pineapple, and sweet watermelon.

Aldi Summer Fruit Wines

In the past couple of years, Aldi has rolled out four flavors in its Burlwood Cellars Pacific Fruit Vineyards line: Sweet Peach, Sweet Pineapple, and Sweet Watermelon have typically been available during the summer, and Sweet Apple has appeared later in the summer season — kind of like apples themselves are available later in the summer than other fruit, come to think of it.

These wines are made in California by Burlwood Cellars, which is a subsidiary of E & J Gallo. Burlwood produces wines for Aldi, as well as for the hotel and restaurant industry.

These wines are not traditional “fruit” wines made with the fruit on the label. They are actually made with grapes (as most wines are), and then the fruit flavor is added to the wine.

This wine is 9 percent alcohol — a little lower than the typical 11 to 15 percent in most wines.

Aldi sweet pineapple wine

How Does it Taste?

These Aldi fruit wines are sweet. If you are a dry wine drinker, they are not for you. But if you’re looking for a sweet, fruity drink, the Pacific Fruit Vineyards wine get many rave reviews in our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group.

Our favorite flavor here is the sweet pineapple, which we believe has the truest fruit flavor and is light enough to be easily drinkable with a variety of foods.

We think these wines would be great with grilled foods, summer snacks such as hard cheese or nuts, or mixed with fresh fruit and fruit juice in a sangria or wine punch.

Aldi sweet peach wine

How Much Does It Cost?

Sweet Mango, Sweet Blueberry, Sweet Peach, Sweet Pineapple, Sweet Watermelon and Sweet Apple wines at Aldi are certainly an affordable treat — which adds to the rave reviews for this Aldi product.

Alcohol prices vary according to local and state taxes in your area, but you’ll find this wine at Aldi priced between $3 and $5 a bottle. In Florida, Aldi summer fruit wine is $3.49 a bottle.

Aldi sweet watermelon wine

If you’re looking for an Aldi store that sells alcohol, here’s more info: Does Aldi Sell Alcohol?


  1. I live in Fairfield Ohio is there any place else besides Aldi’s that I can purchase Pacific Valley pineapple,Peach and watermelon wine? I have checked all Ald’s in my area no luck.

    • Marc’s in my area had a pineapple and a sweet peach made by E & J Gallo which is a subsidiary. I couldn’t tell if the peach was the same or closer to the BareFoot peach but it was pretty good.

  2. I brought the Pineapple, Bleberry and Mango at our Aldi in Kingsport and the are very good with Orange Juice for a mimosa.

  3. We have them all in our local Aldi’s!! The Sweet Watermelon & Sweet Pineapple was first to hit & boy, did they fly off the shelves!! Then, the Sweet Apple came along with the Sweet Peach..we have tried the Sweet Mango & Sweet Blueberry. My husband is a blueberry lover & we have 4 bottles in our fridge right now..I like the Sweet Watermelon, Peach, & Pineapple the best! Thanks for making such a great tasting & inexpensive selection!! YUUUMMMMYYYY!

  4. I am not a wine drinker but my son gave me a bottle of Blueberry on Mother’s Day! I just opened it today out of curiosity. I love it.
    I plan to purchase the peach and watermelon if I can find it! Thanks

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