This Aldi Fox Basket is a Pottery Barn Dupe, and We’re Here For It!

This Aldi Fox Basket is just the cutest thing!

aldi fox basketIt’s no secret that we love the home decor at Aldi. It’s a great place to pick up seasonal items, as well as accent pieces for your home

The December 15th, 2021, Aldi ad features two adorable animal storage baskets! These baskets are being marketed as part of a collection for a nursery, and they will be oh-so-cute and useful for a baby’s room or a playroom!  but we have to tell you, we bought the fox basket last year and use it for dirty laundry in our master bedroom...Ain’t no shame in our Aldi game!

Aldi Fox Basket


aldi fox basket

These baskets are available in two styles — a natural-colored dog and a fox.

aldi bear basket

They’re priced at $34.99 each. That’s $5 more than last year, but we promise, these baskets are worth every penny.

Last season we were tipped off to the fact that the Aldi fox basket is a dupe for a very similar-looking product at Pottery Barn Kids.

So, we went searching, and look what we found at Pottery Barn!

Pottery Barn Kids Fox Basket

pottery barn fox basket

This fox basket can be ordered from Pottery Barn Kids right now for $99.50— That’s a savings of almost $65!

We are shocked at just how similar these baskets look, and we can’t believe the price difference.

It really does pay to shop at Aldi!

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  1. I just brought the bear style hamper from Aldi yesterday. Such a great savings, and so worth the price! After taxes, I paid $37.44. I noticed this post is a year old, they probably put them back in stock every here and again. So, keep your eyes peeled, ladies!

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