OMG This Kids’ Play Aldi Food Market is EVERYTHING!

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The Aldi Finds of all Aldi Finds is here! Aldi parents— a play Aldi Food Market has finally fit US stores…and it’s adorable!!

aldi food market for kids

We confess, we don’t have toddler-aged kids to enjoy the new Aldi Food Market which includes 44 accessories, including fruits, veggies, play money, and a working calculator….but we still want it and will buy a set to gift our friends with kids ages 3+.

This is the most awesome kids’ play item ever to hit the Aisle of Shame!

ALDI Food Market – $39.99

Seriously, take a look at these pics and tell us this is not a must-have! We usually see items like this out of Aldi UK, so it’s refreshing to finally see Aldi-themed merch in US stores!


The Aldi play food market is $39.99 and worth every penny for the Aldi super fan. This playset comes on the heels of the Aldi gear capsule collection.

To our knowledge, this is the first Aldi food playset to be released in the United States. We do know that additional Bee Happy Aldi Play Shopping Sets are being released soon that work perfectly with the Aldi food market.

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