7 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift At Costco in 2023

As you probably know, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that all our favorite stores are busy carting out their chocolates, diamonds, and heart-shaped balloons.

Costco is infamous for going all out on Valentine’s Day, bringing in hundreds of specialty products for the festive season.

Let’s take a look at what Costco has to offer this year.

Costco Valentines Day Gift Guide

1) Romantic Gift Packages

Costco is offering deals on tons of romantic gift cards, like this Spafinder gift package which includes two $50 eGift cards for any qualifying spa, salon, or wellness studio. Shop online to choose from a wide range of gift card options, or visit your local Costco Warehouse for some special close-to-home gift packages.

For example, at my local Costco, you can currently purchase a hotel package for one of the popular locally owned lodges, saving guests hundreds of dollars on an overnight stay in luxury.

Costco Spafinder Two $50 eGift Cards

2) Flower Arrangements

Costco is offering a wide range of seasonal flower arrangements this Valentine’s Day season, many of which include red and pink roses. Choose from simple bouquets or full arrangements with festive glass vases.

Most available bouquets and flower arrangements on Costco.com are currently priced between $54.99 and $69.99. You can also find fresh flower arrangements and bouquets at any Costco Warehouse location, typically near the self checkout lines.

Flower Arrangements Costco

3) Jewelry

Exclusively on Costco.com, you can find some killer deals right now on the perfect Valentine’s day gift–jewelry. From now until February 8th, you can save a whopping $250 if you spend $1,500 or more on select jewelry items from Costco.

There are hundreds of qualifying pieces, including 14kt gold earrings, necklaces, and rings, as well many pieces containing precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, garnets, and more. Browse the full selection of qualifying sale jewelry here.

Most jewelry items available on Costco.com can be purchased by anyone regardless of Costco membership status.

4) Heart-Shaped Cookies

Costco is selling dozens of sweet treats this Valentine’s Day, from Godiva gift baskets to chocolate-covered strawberries.

One of the most classic Valentine’s Day desserts you can find at Costco right now are these Cheryl’s Cookies, frosted in red and pink and packaged in a 24-count box. Each cookie gift box is currently priced at $34.99.

These cookies would make a great gift for a teacher, friend, or anyone else who loves a delicious sugar cookie.

5) Chocolate Gift Baskets

If you’re in love with a chocolate-lover, consider splurging on this decadent Godiva Valentine’s Day gift basket on Costco.com. These baskets are on sale through February 8th for just $59.99 ($15 less than their standard price).

Each basket includes about a dozen different Godiva products, including chocolate-covered pretzels and graham crackers, assorted chocolate truffles, coffee, and more.

Godiva Valentine's Day Radiant Red Gift Basket

6) A Classic Box of Chocolates

Nothing is more quintessentially Valentine’s Day than a heart-shaped box full of assorted chocolate truffles. (I honestly buy myself at least one every year.)

This year, you can buy a decadent box of Godiva chocolates for $29.99 on Costo.com. Each box comes with 14 pieces of chocolate, including both milk and dark chocolate.

When you browse the full list of Valentine’s Day sweet treat offerings on Costco.com, you’ll find cookie crates, popcorn, cake balls, cheesecake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, truffles, caramel apples, and loads more.

Unfortunately, some of Costco’s usual Valentine’s Day standbys are missing from their online selection. But if you visit a Costco Warehouse in person, you can find an even bigger collection of Valentine’s Day treats.

7) Le Chic Patissier Heart-Shaped Macarons

Every Valentine’s Day season, Costco releases these adorable heart-shaped French macarons from Le Chic Patissier. The Macarons come in light and dark pink and are flavored with vanilla and raspberry. They come packaged in a 25-count box, and each box is currently priced at just $12.99.

Costco also sells large boxes of macarons from a company called Tipiak. These macarons are not seasonal, but they’re still a popular Valentine’s Day gift. Each box includes 36 macarons in assorted rainbow colors, and each box costs $20.99.

Costco’s macarons are not sold online.

Costco Macarons

Visit your local Costco Warehouse to find out what other Valentine’s Day scores you can find this year. Offerings vary by location and region, as Costco endeavors to stock as many local products as possible. Keep in mind that most of Costco’s Valentine’s Day sale prices will end on February 8th.

You can browse Costco’s full Valentine’s Day Gift Guide here.

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