Top 10 Worst Costco Products According To Avid Shoppers

Costco is one of the best stores to shop at for buying bulk. However, it has its fair share of products to avoid. Recently, I went to a popular internet forum to put together this list of the worst Costco products according to avid shoppers. They might surprise you.

1. Toilet Paper

No one wants bad toilet paper. In fact, this is one of the few things we splurge on in our house. Admittedly I’ve never tried the Costco brand toilet paper, and after reading through the horror stories in these comments, I never will. It seems it shreds and gets stuck where the sun doesn’t shine more often than not. No, thank you!

2. Batteries

Despite supposedly being made by Duracell, several people claim to have an issue with Kirkland batteries. It is said that they leak and don’t last long. Two qualities that you do not want in your batteries.

3. Dishwasher Pods

One shopper claims they always get stuck in their dishwasher AND leave a residue on their dishes. However, a few people say they have never had an issue with Costco’s dishwasher pods. Someone goes so far as to say that they thought their dishwasher was having a problem until they realized it was these pods.

4. Heat & Eat Prepackaged Meals

While it might sound like the Costco Heat & Eat Prepackaged meals are a great way to save time and money, this thread warns against them. Not only are they labeled as not a good deal, usually averaging a much higher cost than purchasing the ingredients yourself, but some also say you never get what the package advertises.

An avid member says that after about a year, they forget why they don’t buy them but quickly remember as soon as they do. Another shopper argues they aren’t all bad, and it depends on what you buy.

5. Bagels

The bagels at Costco mold very quickly, according to several responses, and unfortunately, this is something I have experienced myself. Unless you immediately put them in the freezer, they barely last a day or two. A pastry enthusiast explains that the bagels used to be great, but they changed sometime in the past, and they will not even buy them anymore because of this issue.

6. Shampoo and Conditioner

Another victim of changes is the Costco Shampoo and Conditioner. While it used to work wonderfully, many claim that they recently changed the formula, and their hair is dry and knots easily. That said, several people still rave about it, saying it leaves their hair silky smooth. Maybe they haven’t gotten to the new formula yet, though.

7. Produce

For those who eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, it might seem like a good idea to purchase in bulk at Costco. But be warned. Just like their bagels, it seems they go bad far too quickly. One says that while they are not worth buying at Costco, the bananas are the worst, going from light green to mushy brown extremely fast.

8. T-Shirts

You might be surprised by the reason to avoid Costco T-Shirts. It isn’t because they are bad quality. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Many claim that they are a thicker fabric, and while soft and posh, they are not a good choice for those who run hot. The shirts are not breathable and feel like “wool socks.”

9. Razors and Blades

When shopping for razors and blades, it is important to get good quality ones. The last thing you want is to cut up your legs — or other items you shave. One person explains that not only are the blades poor quality, but the handle is horrible and breaks easily.

10. Precooked Bacon

Precooked bacon can make life easier. Throw some in a turkey sandwich, and it can make your day. Or break it if you opt for the Costco brand, according to one user. They claim it used to be delicious, but something changed recently, and the pre-cooked bacon is chewier than ever.

This thread inspired this post.

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