The 10 Products I Save Money on by Not Buying at Costco

Costco is known for its wide selection of products and great deals, but not everything is worth buying at the wholesale retailer. In fact, there are some items that I’ve learned to avoid during my shopping trips to Costco. From products that don’t offer good value to items that are simply not needed in my household, there are 10 things I don’t buy from Costco. In this article, I’ll share my list of the products I’ve learned to skip at the warehouse store, and why I’ve made that decision. So if you’re looking to shop smarter and save money, read on to find out which items you might want to leave off your Costco shopping list.

Perishable Produce in Large Quantities

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While Costco offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, buying them in the large quantities offered might not be ideal for smaller households. There’s a risk the produce might spoil before it’s entirely consumed, leading to food waste and a potential loss of money.

Brand Name Medications

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Although Costco has competitive prices on many items, sometimes their brand name medications can be found cheaper elsewhere, especially with coupons or discounts at pharmacy chains. It’s always worth comparing prices before making a purchase.

Books and DVDs

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Costco carries a limited selection of books and DVDs, often at higher prices than online retailers. If you’re not in a hurry, you might find a broader selection and better deals by shopping online or during sales at specialized stores.

Some Electronics

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While Costco provides an excellent return policy on electronics, their range might be limited compared to dedicated electronics stores or online platforms. It’s essential to research the specific model and its features and compare prices before making a big purchase.

Designer Clothing

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On occasion, Costco stocks designer clothing brands. However, these might be made-for-outlet versions and not the same quality as items from the brand’s primary line. It’s crucial to inspect the quality and ensure it matches the expected standard for the brand.

Bulk Spices

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While buying spices in bulk can seem like a good deal, spices do lose their potency over time. Unless you’re using them in large quantities regularly, it’s often better to buy smaller amounts to ensure they remain fresh and effective.


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Costco’s bulk packages of toiletries can be overwhelming for those with limited storage space. Additionally, sales and coupons at drugstores or other retailers might offer competitive or even better prices on these items.

Certain Cleaning Products

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Buying cleaning products in bulk might seem cost-effective, but it’s worth considering the storage space and the product’s shelf life. Some cleaning products can lose effectiveness over time, so unless you’re using them frequently, it might be better to purchase smaller quantities.

Giant Toys

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Costco occasionally stocks oversized stuffed animals or toys. While they might look appealing, consider if you have ample space at home and if the child will genuinely enjoy such a large toy long-term.

Canned Goods

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While canned goods have a long shelf life, storing large quantities can be a challenge, especially for smaller households. Additionally, if you’re particular about sodium content or prefer organic versions, you might find a better selection elsewhere.

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