Steps To Cash A Check At Safeway

Safeway offers check cashing at all stores across the US and Canada. However, their specific policies and practices around check cashing may vary from store to store.

For example, some stores will only cash printed checks while other stores are flexible about cashing handwritten checks as well. Some stores also limit the total amount of a cashed check to $1,500, while other stores might have a lower or higher limit depending on cash availability.

As far as we can tell, there is no limit on the number of checks you can cash at Safeway over time, as long as you are not found to be abusing this policy by cashing in bad checks.

Check At Safeway

The best way to find out exactly what policies and protocols your local store offers is to contact them directly. You can look up the number of your local Safeway here.

Types Of Checks You Can Cash At Safeway

As a rule, Safeway typically only cashes printed checks.

Examples of printed checks include…

  • Payroll checks
  • Government benefit checks (such as Social Security or disability checks)
  • Tax return checks

In most cases, Safeway can only cash personal checks if they are not handwritten. However, some Safeway locations have been known to have no problem cashing handwritten checks.

For example, this Reddit user shares that they have successfully cashed many handwritten checks at Safeway…

Cash Check at Safeway

How to Cash Checks at Safeway

To cash a check at Safeway, simply visit any Safeway location with your check and find a register or the customer service desk. Checks cannot be cashed at self checkout kiosks.

Let an associate know you would like to cash a check. At some Safeway locations, they might not be willing to complete this task for you unless you purchase something.

When preparing to cash the check, you will need to “endorse” the back of the check by signing your name in pen on the endorsement line provided. Once your check has been endorsed, hand it to the cashier to verify. As part of the verification process, the cashier will likely ask to see your ID. If you cannot provide a valid photo ID, your check might not be cashed.

Once your check has been verified, the cashier will hand you your cash in exchange for your check. In most cases, you will be charged a small fee for the service. According to Wealth of Geeks, Safeway charges about 1.15% for their check-cashing service. This equates to about $2.25 per $200 of cashed checks.

How Does Safeway Verify Checks?

According to a couple of third-party sources online, Safeway verifies their checks using Certegy (a common check-verification service employed at many large retailers). However, we were unable to confirm this claim.

Other Stores That Offer Check Cashing

Other stores that offer check-cashing services in 2023 include…

  • Walmart
  • Kroger / QFC / Fred Meyer
  • Albertsons
  • 7-Eleven

That said, the easiest and cheapest way to have a check cashed is to go through your own bank or the bank that issued the check. This way, you can cash your check free of charge.


Does Safeway do cash back for checks?

Yes. When you cash a check at Safeway, you will receive the amount of the check in cash.

Can you write a check at Safeway?

Yes. Safeway accepts personal checks as payment for in-store purchases.

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