Can You Still Buy Helium Balloons At Safeway? [SOLVED]

Here’s the short answer–yes! You can absolutely still buy helium balloons from Safeway in 2023. They’ll even fill them up for you.

You can even place custom orders for helium balloon arrangements online through here. Their balloon arrangement options include birthday balloons for kids and adults as well as generic congratulations balloons for a variety of occasions.

Safeway’s balloon arrangements start at $14.99 and come full of helium when you pick them up. You can also browse through other balloons on here, such as latex balloon arrangements, unicorn balloon bouquets, New Year balloons, and more. Safeway’s balloon prices range from $1.49 per balloon to $24.99 for a premium balloon bouquet.

Helium Balloons At Safeway

If you shop in store, you can also likely find standard bags of party balloons on Safeway’s shelves, but it’s unclear whether you will be able to have these filled with helium at the store.

Helium balloons typically stay inflated for between eight hours and about a week, depending on the material the balloon is made of. Foil balloons tend to retain helium the longest.

What Kind of Balloons Will Safeway Fill?

As far as we can tell, Safeway will fill any balloon with helium as long as it’s deemed safe to do so.

Safeway typically fills their own balloons at no charge, as customers are already paying for the purchase of the balloon. However, if you purchase balloons elsewhere and want to have them filled at Safeway, this will likely come at a charge.


If you order a custom balloon or balloon bouquet through, you can view the prices any time here. Prices range from $1.49 per balloon to $24.99 for a large balloon bouquet. This includes the price of helium.

Unfortunately, Safeway does not advertise their pricing online for in-store helium balloon filling services. However, some sources have claimed that they charge around $2 per balloon while other sources claim that their prices are as high as $10 per balloon.

To find out how much your local Safeway charges for balloon filling, contact them directly.


As far as we can tell, all Safeway locations in 2023 offer helium services in their floral departments. To purchase a balloon arrangement from Safeway or to have your existing balloons inflated, simply visit the floral department at your local Safeway store.

The florist there should be trained to use the helium tank to inflate your balloons.

Others Stores That Fill Helium Balloons

If you aren’t near a Safeway, some other options for balloon filling include…

  • Walmart (helium available at very limited locations)
  • Kroger (includes Fred Meyer and QFC)
  • Haggen

Unfortunately, very few grocery stores still offer helium inflation services in 2023. While helium balloons were all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s, they are beginning to pass out of style. Helium is also considered a fairly precious resource, as it’s used primarily in a medical context.

These days, the easiest way to get your helium balloons filled up at your convenience is to purchase your own helium tank, which are available through places like Walmart and Amazon.


Can you buy your own helium tank?

Yes. Helium tanks are available for sale online through places like Walmart and Amazon.

Are helium balloons reusable?

Some are, but not all. Most balloons are one-time-use only. However, some helium balloons are designed with a valve system that allows for the helium to be released and replenished as many times as you’d like. However, the materials will eventually wear out.

Is it safe to fill helium balloons by yourself?

Yes. Many retailers sell special party balloon helium tanks designed to safely inflate balloons at home without any special training. However, be aware of the fact that even though inhaling helium can seem like a harmless party trick, inhaling pure helium deprives the brain of oxygen. Without oxygen, you can die in a matter of minutes. Helium tanks should never be entrusted to children or left in an area where children might be able to find them or tamper with them by accident.

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