Should You Buy A Greenhouse At Costco?

If you have enough space on your property, investing in a greenhouse is a great way to grow food, flowers, and tropical plants all year round.

But greenhouses can be a big investment.

At Costco, you can find a wide variety of greenhouses at price points to fit different budgets. But is investing in a Costco greenhouse worth it? Let’s find out.

Greenhouse At Costco

Types of Greenhouses Available At Costco

Costco currently sells seven different greenhouses on their website…

As you can see, the prices on these greenhouses vary quite a bit, from about $1,000 all the way up to almost $15,000. So, deciding which greenhouse to buy will depend on your budget.

Costco also used to sell a popular cedar greenhouse from Yardistry. However, this product is no longer available on Costco’s website.

The greenhouses listed above are made from a variety of materials including plastic and glass.

Best (and Worst) Greenhouses At Costco

The most expensive greenhouse available at Costco is also the highest-rated by customers. The Exaco Riga XL Professional Greenhouse has received consistent 4- and 5-star reviews from customers, although sales have admittedly been on the slower side due to the high price-tag of this product.

For those of you who aren’t trying to drop over ten grand on a greenhouse, let’s look at some of the other options…

The best overall greenhouse available at Costco, which is both high quality and reasonably priced, is the Exaco Riga Professional Greenhouse. This greenhouse comes in numerous different sizes and starts at $6,499.99.

The lowest-rated greenhouses at Costco are the Palram Victory Orangery Solarium and the Palram Canopia Balance Greenhouse. Both products have received loads of complaints about missing and damaged pieces, flimsy materials, and overall low-quality products that don’t stand up to the elements, even during the milder months.

As far as we can tell, Exaco is a more reliable greenhouse brand than Palram.

Delivery & Assembly

Unfortunately, none of the greenhouses sold at Costco include installation or assembly. They are delivered directly to your home via curbside delivery, but you will be responsible for the assembly.

It’s also important to note that assembling free-standing structures on your property is subject to permitting regulations in most places. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to acquire all necessary permits.

After purchasing, you can expect to receive your greenhouse in about four to six weeks.

Tips For Setting Up Your Greenhouse

Greenhouses might seem like simple structures that you can just throw together in your backyard, but the process can actually be a bit more complicated than that.

Before assembling your greenhouse…

  1. Check with your HOA and your city or county’s permitting department to make sure you can set up a greenhouse in your yard without violating any rules or regulations
  2. Apply for any necessary permits with your local government
  3. Ensure your have a flat, level space in your yard large enough for your greenhouse
  4. Avoid setting up the greenhouse in a shady spot (opt for full sun if possible, especially if you live in a mild climate)
  5. If you live in a windy place, try to place the greenhouse somewhere where it will be shielded from the wind as much as possible

You’ll also want to consider the time of year. It’s best to set up greenhouses in the spring after any snow in your area has melted, or in the fall before the winter sets in. There’s also nothing wrong with setting up your greenhouse during the summer. Just avoid doing it during bad weather.

Once your greenhouse is set up, you’ll want to get a thermometer to ensure you’re maintaining the temperatures necessary for your plants, and you’ll also want to prioritize fresh air circulation. 

Most greenhouses come with windows and doors that can be opened and closed to ensure air circulation, which is crucial for the health of your plants. Greenhouses with little to no air circulation become ripe breeding grounds for fungi, mold, bacteria, and pests that can ultimately harm or even kill your plants.

For a more in-depth look at how to maintain a small greenhouse, check out this YouTube video from Rooted Revival.


What is the most popular greenhouse size?

Deciding what size of greenhouse to buy depends on what you intend to use it for. The most popular greenhouses at Costco are on the smaller size, between 64 sq. ft. and 100 sq. ft. 

Are greenhouses good year-round?

For the most part, yes. However, it depends on what kind of greenhouse you buy and where you live. Not all greenhouses are designed to withstand harsh winter weather and/or wind.

When do Costco greenhouses go on sale?

Costco greenhouses typically go on sale in the spring and fall. 

Which is better — a glass or plastic greenhouse?

For durability, plastic greenhouses are a better choice. While they’re certainly more aesthetically pleasing, glass greenhouses are not only more expensive, but also more difficult to maintain and more fragile.

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