How Do You Order Groceries Online From Vons?

Online grocery shopping has become quite popular over the years. It is convenient as you can order groceries at any time of the day or night, choose a time slot, avoid the hassles of crowds, and get high-quality products.

Vons is one of the stores in California and Nevada that offers online grocery shopping services for its customers. As a shopper, you may wonder what this process entails and how convenient it is. To find out more, read on;

Von Delivery

What Groceries Can You Order Online At Vons?

Vons offers a wide variety of products and services. Below are some of the groceries available online at the store;

  • Produce: Fruit, vegetables, and other fresh food items that need to be refrigerated or frozen.
  • Meat: Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and other meat products. Some stores may also sell seafood and game meat such as venison or rabbit.
  • Dairy: Milk, cheese, and other dairy products such as yogurt and ice cream. Some stores also sell eggs.
  • Bakery: Bread, cakes, and pastries made in-house by bakers who work at the store or elsewhere in the company’s supply chain. Some stores also sell pizza dough and pre-made pies for customers to bake at home using their ovens.
  • Frozen foods: Frozen fruits, vegetables, and prepared meals (such as frozen pizzas).
  • Canned foods: Canned fruits, vegetables, and seafood packed in metal cans with pull-top lids (not canned beans).

Vons carries a wide variety of products from national brands like Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, Kraft, and private label products. It also offers its house brands under the brand name Vons Signature Selections, which comprises Signature Cafe, Signature SELECT, Signature RESERVE, and Signature Farms.

Vons has 197 locations in the US in the two states of California and Nevada. Check the store locator to know if there is a Vons near you.

How To Order Groceries Online From Vons

Here’s a step-by-step guide to ordering groceries online from Von’s website or app: 


  • Go to or download the Vons app and log in with your account details (or create one).
  • Browse through the categories and select products ‌you want to purchase. You can search by name, type, price, and other parameters.
  • Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout when you are ready. 
  • Enter shipping information (if required), then review your order summary before checking out with a credit card or PayPal account (if available).


  • Log in to your Vons account
  • Click on the Schedule a Pickup button to schedule an order. 
  • Choose when you want your order to be ready for pickup.

Once you select a date and time for your pickup, you will receive a confirmation email from Vons Grocery Delivery that includes essential details about your order, including the order number and total cost (including applicable taxes).

If you need to change your order, you can do  so within a specific time frame. Go to Orders at the top of the page and edit the order. However, updating the delivery or pickup date can only be done on the same day the order was placed.

If one of your items is out of stock, you will receive a notification via email or text message with an estimated arrival date for the missing item(s). The item will be removed from your list and refunded to your payment method within 48 hours. However, you can choose a substitute for the missing item under “Item Preferences.”

You can track your Vons order online. To track a Vons order, you will need to have the order number and tracking ID.

To track a Vons order:

  • Visit the Delivery Status section of Von’s website and enter your information.
  • Click Add Tracking Number, enter your delivery number and click Search.
  •  A list of tracking numbers will appear; click on the one that matches your delivery number.

If you’ve ordered groceries online and need to cancel them, you can do so from the Groceries section.

  • Select “Your Account” at the top of the page, then select “Order History” from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Cancel” on the particular order.

You may return your order due to defective products, wrong products, or the product arriving late, among other reasons. To return your orders:

  • Sign in to your account and go to “My Account.”
  • Click on “Order History” in the left-hand menu and find the order number you want to return.
  • Click on “Return Items” at the bottom of the page, then select “Return All.”
  • Fill out the form with your reason for returning and click submit. Your refund will be processed within two business days.

Vons prides itself on its 100% product satisfaction guarantee, a commitment to its customers. The company wants you to be 100% satisfied with any food or service products purchased from the store. If you are not satisfied with the freshness or quality of your purchase, they will gladly replace it or refund your money.

Payment Methods Accepted Online

Vons accepts the below means of payment online;

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express credit cards
  • Most bank-issued debit cards

How Do You Order Groceries Online From Vons Through Instacart?

 You may also use Instacart to shop online at Vons stores. Here is how to do it:

  • Download and set up your Instacart account.
  • Sign in to your account and enter your zip code. You will be asked to select a store.
  • If you don’t know what groceries you want, browse through their categories and see what looks good. You can even search for items by name if you know it!
  • Once you have decided what you want, place it in your cart.
  • You can also save products you like by clicking the heart icon next to them and adding them to your favorites list!

How Do You Pick Up Groceries At Vons?

The Vons grocery delivery service offers two options for pickup: curbside pickup and home delivery. The curbside pickup option allows customers to shop from their smartphone or computer, select their items, and then drive to the store to pick up their groceries.

Home delivery is an option for customers who want their groceries delivered straight to their houses. Customers can order online or through the Vons mobile app and choose a delivery window that works best for them.

The delivery time varies based on your location. They take one hour, but some orders may take up to four hours, especially on busy days.

How Much Does Vons Charge To Order Groceries Online?

The prices on the site are often similar to what you’d find in-store. But if there’s a sale at your local Vons, you may save money by picking up your groceries there instead of ordering online.

Vons charges $9.95 for all purchases of $150. The minimum order amount is $30. Vons also offers a discount for new customers who sign up for delivery service: You get free delivery on your first online order of at least $30.

The store offers a delivery service for customers who live within a 10-mile radius of the store. The price includes:

  • Delivery fee
  • Tax on the order (if applicable)


Can You Order Alcohol on Von’s Delivery?

Yes, you can order alcohol on Von’s delivery.

Vons Delivery offers a wide selection of beer, wine, and spirits. However, the alcohol selection is limited to what is sold in the store.

Does Vons Have a Grocery Delivery Subscription?

Yes, Vons offers grocery delivery subscriptions to customers in select areas.

FreshPass is a grocery delivery subscription that offers unlimited home delivery. The service is available in select areas of Southern California and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Do You Tip Von’s Delivery?

Vons delivery drivers do not accept tips but will appreciate your gratitude. However, in some locations, you are allowed to tip during checkout.

How Do You Contact Vons’ Customer Service?

If you need to contact Vons, there are several ways to do so. You can call the store directly, use their website to submit a request, or contact them via their social media accounts.

  • Retail Store/Corporate – 877-723-3929.
  • Grocery Delivery & Pickup – 877-505-4040.
  • Accessibility Support – 877-635-4833.


One of the best ways to save money and time on groceries is to do online shopping. You can take advantage of discounts, promo codes, and numerous weekly deals to get value for your money. Vons is the perfect grocery store to begin your journey of online grocery shopping. Try them today!

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