Home Depot Blind Installation Service (Factors + Cost)

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Window coverings can help you regulate the temperature and light in your home and add privacy and protection from the elements. Home Depot offers a wide variety of window treatments, including blinds and shades. If you’re looking for blind installation services, here’s what you need to know about getting your blinds installed by Home Depot.

Home Depot Blind Installation Cost

Does Home Depot Install Blinds?

Home Depot offers blind installation services in partnership with vetted local, licensed, and insured installers.

The installation costs are $119 for a maximum of 10 blinds, while custom installation starts at $250 per window.

Blind installation costs vary depending on factors such as the type of blind and your region. Home Depot blinds installation charges start at $119 for a maximum of 10 blinds. It also provides custom prices starting at $250 per window. On average, most people spend about $1,200 to install 6–8 blinds using Home Depot’s installation services.

The best way to get an accurate estimate of installation costs is to use a blinds cost calculator. Once you enter your desired measurements, the calculator will give you an estimate based on the number of windows you need to be covered.

Below is the estimated cost of installation for different brands:

Brand Cost
Chicology $20-$170
Home decorators $20-$100
Levolor $60-$200
Achim $10-$80
Hampton bay $10-$75
Bali $20-$60

Home Depot also offers removal and disposal of old blinds and trimming of ready-made blinds.

What types of blinds does Home Depot sell?

Home Depot carries a wide variety of blinds, including:

  • Faux wood – Home Depot has a wide selection of faux wood blinds that include cordless versions from popular brands such as Bali and Veneta
  • Wood – Home Depot’s wood blinds are lightweight, durable, and available in various colors and sizes
  • Mini (vinyl and aluminum) – Home Depot’s vinyl mini blinds come in different shades and colors, including black, white, or gray
  • Cordless – you can get various cordless blinds from top brands such as Veneta, Hampton bay, and Home decorators
  •  Vertical – Home Depot provides customized options of vertical blinds from Hampton bay, Levolor, and Bali
  • Horizontal – have slats made from wood, metal, or plastic that moves horizontally across the window
  • Cellular – cellular blinds feature folds that allow light to filter through while keeping out unwanted views and heat
  • Venetian – are lightweight horizontal blinds with slats that run parallel to each other
  • Motorized/electric – offer excellent light control and privacy by rolling up or down smoothly with the touch of a button
  • Patio doors – are some of the most popular blinds sold at Home Depot because they are easy to install, can be custom-made, and come in many different styles
  • Sliding door blinds – are an excellent option for patio doors and are especially useful for rooms with large windows or sliding glass doors
  • Panel tracks – are ideal for patio doors, oversized windows, and sliding glass doors
  •  Panel – are some of the most common forms of window coverings. You can get various brands such as HOMCOM, Godear, Hampton Bay, and Levolor from Home Depot
  • Arch – these blinds have a rounded shape that resembles an arch shape when opened up
  • Door – Home Depot stocks ODL’s white cordless add-on aluminum blinds in various sizes to fit your doors and windows
  • Blackout – you can get various blinds, such as the blackout cordless vinyl mini-blind and the blackout natural woven adjustable sliding window panel track
  • Custom – these blinds can be custom-made to fit perfectly on your windows and doors

Factors to Consider

Factors that determine the final price for blind installation include;

  •  Number of windows – if your house has many windows, you’ll also require more material, labor, and time to install blinds in multiple windows. For example, an average home has 8-10 windows, and if the total cost of installation per window is $85, you’ll need to pay between $680 and $850
  •  Material – different materials have different prices. For example, vinyl blinds cost less than wooden blinds
  • Type and brand – more popular brands are usually more expensive than lesser-known ones. For instance, installing Levolor blinds is more costly than Bali ones
  •  Additional labor costs – typically, labor may cost you $30 -$100 per hour. But if you choose a blind that requires extra tools or expertise when installing them, costs may increase significantly

How Does it Work?

Home Depot works with vetted independent installers who are licensed, insured, and have experience installing blinds. The retailer also provides a one-year service guarantee on all installations.

Does Home Depot Measure Blinds?

Home Depot uses independent installers who come to your place and measure your windows, doors, and other openings. They then give you a quote on the cost of installing the blinds and how long it’d take them to do so.

You can also measure the blinds and go with the measurements to Home Depot to purchase your window treatments. Before measuring, you need to choose a window covering and decide whether you want an inside or outside mount. You can use Home Depot’s worksheet to record the measurements and then use it to buy the blinds.

How to schedule an appointment with Home Depot

You can schedule a blind installation appointment online, in-store, or through a call. To schedule an appointment in-store, visit the front desk at any Home Depot store near you.

To schedule an appointment online, go to the Home Depot website and enter your zip code to check whether the service is available in your area. Alternatively, you can schedule one by calling Home Depot at (877) 865-9871.

Mounting Options: Inside Mount & Outside Mount

Inside Mount

First, measure the width of your window or door at the top, middle, and bottom. Next, measure its height on the left, middle, and right sides. Note the narrowest width and longest height. Then, measure the depth of your window to ensure you have enough room to mount the blinds.

Outside mount

Outside mounting requires at least 2 inches of clearance above the frame to mount the brackets. You’ll also need to measure your area and add an extra 3 inches to each dimension for optimal light and privacy control.

What is included by Home Depot to Install Blinds?

Home Depot blinds installation charges include the cost of the blinds and materials.

How long does it take to install blinds?

The installation time varies depending on the type and size of the blinds you choose. For instance, the installation may take about 30 minutes to 1 hour per blind.

Do they also sell parts for blinds?

Home Depot sells replacement parts for all kinds of window coverings. You can order them online or visit your local store for assistance in finding the exact parts you need.

Do they also cut blinds to size?

Home Depot can cut your blinds according to your specifications. You’ll pay $15 for every blind they trim or shorten.

Do they repair blinds?

If your blinds are damaged or broken, Home Depot professionals can repair them for you. This includes fixing broken slats, replacing missing slats, and repairing damaged cords.

Do they remove and dispose of old blinds?

Home Depot will also remove your old blinds at $5 per blind and dispose of your old blinds at the cost of $10 per blind.

How good is Home Depot’s Blind Installation?

Home Depot blinds installation services have mainly positive reviews with an average rating of 4.2 out of 5. Out of 37255 verified reviews, 79 percent of the customers recommend the services. Most positive reviews come from customers who had an overall good experience with them, but there were also some complaints of poor customer service.

All the blinds you buy at Home depot have manufacturer’s warranties plus a one-year service guarantee on all installations.


Does Home Depot install blinds for free?

Home Depot does not install blinds for free. The installation cost depends on the type of the blinds, your location, and whether you need additional services apart from installation.

How much does a handyman charge to install blinds?

A handyperson may charge you $30-$100 per hour. A typical house that has eight to ten windows may take about four hours to complete installation.

How can you save money on installing blinds?

You can save money on blinds installation by doing it yourself instead of hiring a professional installer. Also, you can save by personally removing and disposing of your old blinds and buying in big box stores like Home Depot.

Is it easy to install blinds by yourself?

You can install blinds by yourself with a few essential tools. Horizontal, cellular, and roman blinds are some of the easiest that you can install in about 5-10 minutes per blind.

How do you install cordless blinds from Home Depot?

To install cordless blinds, follow these steps

  • Place the brackets on the inside upper corners of the window and mark where to drill the holes
  • Drill the screw holes on the points marked
  • Use a screwdriver to attach the brackets with the screws provided
  •  Insert the head rail into the brackets and push them into place
  •  Insert the tilter into the head rail and lock it into place
  • Hook the wand into the tilter through the hang hole
  •  Pull the rod into a clockwise or anticlockwise direction to raise or lower the blinds

What are the easiest blinds to install?

Some of the easiest blinds you can install include vertical, roller, and Venetian blinds.

Does Home Depot install skylight blinds?

Home Depot provides skylight blinds installation services. You can buy your blinds online or in-store and have them installed by a qualified installer.

What is the difference between blinds and shades?

Blinds are window treatments made of wood, faux, aluminum, or vinyl and have slats that you can tilt open or close. Shades are single window or door coverings made of softer fabrics.

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