Dollar Tree’s Bewitching Halloween Collection 2023

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Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with Dollar Tree’s latest Halloween collection. This season, we’ve curated an assortment that promises to transform your space into a realm of enchantment, mystery, and vintage charm. Whether you’re setting the scene for a spooky soirée or adding a touch of the mystical to your decor, our collection promises a hauntingly delightful experience. Dive in and let the magic of Halloween captivate you. Don’t let these bewitching finds slip through your fingers!

Dollar Tree halloween 2023

Decorative Items:

  1. Movable Eye Decorations: Items with orange, black, and purple coloring featuring movable eyes.
  2. Felt Garlands: 59 inches long with designs such as ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, bats, “Happy Halloween”, cats, ravens, and spiders.
  3. Decorative Birds: Felt birds dressed as Halloween characters like Frankenstein, witches, mummies, jack-o-lanterns, bats.
  4. Ceramic Eyeballs: Available in blue and green.
  5. Resin Figures: Includes pumpkins, skulls with birds and flowers.
  6. Glass Jack-o-lantern Votive Holders: Available in orange and clear.
  7. Book Props: Non-functional creepy old books e.g. “Mastering Malevolence”, “Secrets of the Stars”, “Crystal Magic”.
  8. Plastic Skulls: Multi-colored skulls on stands.
  9. LED Tea Lights: Skull and pumpkin shapes.
  10. Solar-powered Stake Lights: Designs of jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, skulls, sugar skulls, tombstones, lantern shapes with skeletons and jack-o-lanterns.

Wall, Window, and Hanging Decorations:

  1. Hanging Spooky Decorations:
    • Plastic Heads: Gauzy fabric, torn aesthetic.
    • Skeleton/Grim Reaper: Gray fabric.
    • Pumpkin Head: Orange and black fabric body.
    • Ghost: Solid fabric design.
  2. Window Clings and Door Decorations: Jointed skeletons, door covers, wall decorations.
  3. Wall Decorations: Wood (MDF signs) designs of witches, pumpkins, skeletons.
  4. Hanging Signs (Multi-piece):
    • Jack-o-Lantern “trick-or-treat” sign.
    • Spooky bat “happy Halloween” sign.
    • Skull “enter if you dare” sign with roses.
  5. Fabric Wall Hangings: Kid-friendly designs.
  6. Hanging Tinsel Decorations: Sets of jack-o-lanterns or ghosts.

Serving and Party Items:

  1. Halloween Party Items:
    • Large Wood Sign: “Apothecary shop, A Cabinet of Curiosities”.
    • Small Side Signs: Jack-o-lantern, skull, spider, framed designs.
  2. Serving Trays:
    • Skull-shaped Trays: Various colors.
    • Spider-shaped Trays: Copper and silver designs.
  3. Skeleton Hand Tongs: Various colors, glow-in-the-dark variant.
  4. Skeleton Hand Flutes: Various colors.
  5. Plastic Party Items: Cup sets, containers, serving trays, pails, party favors.
  6. Plastic Tumblers and Cups: Various designs.
  7. Plastic Serving Pieces: Witch hat chip tray, bat tray, spider tray, serving bowl.

Home Decor and Accessories:

  1. Felt Cutouts: Black cats and pumpkins for crafting.
  2. Chair Covers: Skeleton and jack-o-lantern designs.
  3. Lace Table Runner: Spider and spider web design.
  4. Wood Tabletop Signs: Coffin-shaped, Halloween-themed designs.
  5. 3D Signs: Various designs.
  6. Skeleton Signs: Various designs.
  7. Tabletop Signs: Various messages and designs.
  8. Light-Up Items: Glittered skulls, Jack O’Lanterns.
  9. Plastic Creatures: Spiders, rats, bats.
  10. Giant Eyeballs: Different styles.
  11. Plastic Crystal Balls: Rainbow finish.
  12. Bones and Skulls: Various types.
  13. Creepy Cloth and Spider Webbing: Various colors.
  14. Large Tinsel Decorations: Various designs.
  15. Tinsel Decorations (Tabletop Size): Ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, witch hats.

Outdoor Decorations:

  1. Outdoor Decorations:
    • Plastic fencing: Bat or spider designs.
    • Styrofoam tombstones.
    • Skull and crossbones fencing.
    • Outdoor signs with stakes.
  2. Yard Stakes: Various designs.
  3. Plastic Chains: Silver or glow-in-the-dark.
  4. Large Plastic Skeletons: Natural or rainbow colors.
  5. Skeletons: Hanging varieties of various sizes.

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