Does Walmart Offer Brake Services?

Did you know that Walmart has its own dedicated Auto Care Center? That’s right, offering everything from tire installation to headlight replacement, Walmart Auto Care Center is a convenient and affordable place to get many basic auto care services performed.

Unfortunately, Walmart Auto Care Center does not offer brake services. This includes brake checks, brake pad replacements, etc.

However, you can still purchase brake parts at Walmart if you’re interested in doing the work yourself for a low cost.

Keep reading to find out where else you might be able to get your brakes serviced.

Where Can You Get Brake Services Instead?

Places that offer brake services include:

  • Jiffy Lube
  • Firestone
  • Les Schwab
  • Midas
  • AutoZone
  • Pep Boys

Jiffy Lube and AutoZone are two of the least expensive places to get brakes repaired or replaced.

walmart brake service

What Auto Services Does Walmart Provide?

While Walmart Auto Care Center does not offer brake services, they do offer a wide range of services to help you keep your vehicle operating at its best.

Here is a list of their services, including prices:

  • Standard oil change – $32.88
  • High mileage oil change – $42.88
  • Semi-synthetic oil change – $42.88
  • Synthetic oil change – $52.88
  • “Pit Crew” (includes up to 5 quarts of oil, new oil filter, chassis lubrication, tire pressure check and battery performance check – does NOT include oil change service) – $22.88
  • Tire mounting – $5-$10 per tire
  • Tire balance and rotation – $15 per tire
  • Road hazard warranty – $10 per tire
  • Valve stem installation – $3 per tire
  • Flat tire repair – $15 per tire
  • Tire rotation – $2.50 per tire
  • Lug nut replacement – $2 per lug nut
  • Fuel system maintenance – $20
  • Wiper blades and installation – $10 per blade
  • Air filter installation – free
  • Headlight restoration – $25 per vehicle
  • Headlight installation – $7.50 per headlight
  • Miniature bulb installation – $5 per bulb
  • Battery installation – $10 (free for batteries purchased at Walmart)

Walmart Auto Care Center hours vary widely by location.

Can You Buy Brake Pads From Walmart?

Luckily, Walmart offers a wide selection of auto parts in their stores, including brake pads and parts. You can shop brake pads at here

As with most things sold at Walmart, you can find a wide range of prices from the super affordable to the more high end.

Here is a list of brake parts available at Walmart, along with the price range you can expect to find when shopping:

  • Brake pads ($10.99 – $68.62)
  • Rotors ($16.33 – $590.36)
  • Calipers ($37.75 – $488.64)
  • Brake cleaner ($2.97 – $27.18)
  • Brake fluid ($3.47 – $314.98)


Does Walmart replace brake rotors?

No. Walmart Auto Care Center does not perform any brake-related services.

Is Walmart’s brake cleaner chlorinated?

Walmart sells both chlorinated and non-chlorinated brake cleaner. You can shop brake cleaners at Walmart here.

Does Walmart replace brake light bulbs?

No. Walmart Auto Care Center only replaces headlight bulbs. However, you can buy brake light bulbs from Walmart and replace them yourself.

Does Walmart have DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid?

Both. You can shop brake fluids from here.

Does Walmart sell brake cleaners?

Yes. You can shop brake cleaners at Walmart here.


While you unfortunately can’t get your brakes checked or serviced at Walmart, you can still get plenty of other services performed there for a low price. For brake services, try visiting places like Les Schwab or Jiffy Lube. You can also perform your brake checks or replace your brake pads yourself by purchasing affordable brake pads and parts at Walmart and then doing the work at home.

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