Does Walmart Charge Tire Disposal Fees?

In years past, Walmart was known for offering free tire disposal and recycling services to their customers. Unfortunately, Walmart got rid of this complimentary service in 2021.

But it’s not all bad news. Walmart Auto Care Center will still take your old tires and dispose of them for you in some cases. But the service comes with a price.

When Walmart disposes of old tires, they may charge anywhere between $1 and $25 per tire as a recycling fee.

Unfortunately, Walmart does not publicize their recycling fees online, so it’s difficult to know exactly how much you’ll be expected to pay for this service. To find out exactly how much your local Walmart Auto Care Center charges for tire disposal, it’s best to contact them directly.

Walmart Tire Disposal Fee

How Does Tire Disposal Work At Walmart?

In order to dispose of your old tires at Walmart, you must purchase new Walmart tires and have them installed at a Walmart Auto Care Center. If you are not replacing your old tires with newly purchased Walmart tires, you will not be able to dispose of your old tires at Walmart.

When tires are disposed of through Walmart Auto Care Center, they are recycled through designated channels. 

Where Else Can You Dispose Of Old Tires?

If you aren’t able to dispose of your tires at Walmart, you’ll still have plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some ideas to try when disposing of your old tires:

  • Drop them off at a tire recycling center (try dialing 1-800-CLEANUP to find a location near you)
  • Contact your state of county recycling center to find out if they accept old tires (many state and county agencies operate recycling programs)
  • Call a junk hauling company (1-800-GOT-JUNK is a popular nationwide company)
  • Try offering them up on Craigslist (If your tires are in like-new condition, you might even be able to make a little bit of money back by selling them)
  • Use them for a backyard building project (Remember when playgrounds used to be made of tires? Imagine what else you could build!)

Unfortunately, many popular tire suppliers like Les Schwab and Firestone have adopted stricter tire recycling policies over the years. While many places used to accept old tires from just about anyone, these retailers will now only recycle tires for customers purchasing new tires.

How To Properly Dispose Of Old Tires

In order to talk about how to properly dispose of old tires, let’s first talk about what not to do.

Here are some things to remember not to do with your old tires:

  • Don’t throw them in a dumpster (rubber is a valuable material that can be easily recycled when disposed of properly)
  • Don’t dump them on the side of the road or anywhere else that is not designated for garbage or recycling (they’ll just end up in a landfill anyway)
  • Never burn old tires (burning rubber releases highly toxic fumes that are detrimental to the health of humans and the environment) 

Proper tire disposal is super important because it keeps tires out of landfills, oceans, and forests. It also keeps the circulation of usable rubber functioning in the economy to reduce the need for new rubber. 

Remember to always dispose of your tires properly by taking them to a tire disposal facility or calling a junk removal company. 


Does Walmart pick up old tires?

No. The only way to dispose of old tires at Walmart is to purchase new tires and schedule an appointment for a tire installation at Walmart Auto Care Center. When Walmart removes your old tires, they will charge you a small fee to dispose of them for you.

Will Walmart accept old tires bought elsewhere?

Yes. As long as you are having your old tires replaced with newly purchased Walmart tires, Walmart will dispose of your old tires regardless of where they were purchased.

Can you sell old tires?

Yes. You can always try selling your old tires on sites like Craigslist, but keep in mind that you’re unlikely to find any buyers unless your tires are in like-new condition. If you’re getting rid of tires that have been used extensively, it’s best just to offer them up for free.

Can you recycle old tires by yourself?

Yes. You can find a recycling center or tire recycling service near you without having to pay someone else to recycle your tires for you. That said, you will likely still have to pay a recycling fee when you take your tires to a recycling center.

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