Does Target Cash Checks? (Alternates Available)

As the world transitions away from paper currency, it’s less and less common for us to carry checks in our wallets. We probably receive our paychecks via direct deposit, and we’re way more likely to receive money from friends via PayPal or Venmo than in the form of a personal check. Checks are so rare now, in fact, that some of us might not even know what to do with them when we receive them.

While cashing checks at the bank or depositing them into an ATM are still the best go-to options, there are also a handful of box stores and grocery stores that provide check-cashing services, including Walgreens, Walmart, and QFC.

But you’re probably wondering, do all box stores cash checks? Does Target cash checks? And if so, what types of checks can you cash at stores like Target? Keep reading to find out the answers to all of these questions and more.Target_Cash_Check


Will Target Cash Checks?

Unfortunately, Target does not cash checks. Regardless of whether you have a personal check, paycheck, or tax return check, you will not be able to exchange your checks for cash at Target.

Why Does Target Not Cash Checks?

The most simple answer for why Target does not cash checks is because they are not a financial institution and because they do not provide check-cashing as one of their designated customer services. Instead, Target accepts personal checks as a valid form of payment in their stores.

Does Target Accept Checks?

Yes! Target accepts personal checks as a valid form of payment in-store.

Target also accepts the following payment methods:

  • Target RedCard
  • Third-party credit cards
  • Foreign bank credit cards
  • Third-party debit cards (Visa or Mastercard only)
  • Target GiftCards
  • Third-party gift cards from American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard®
  • Third-party installment plans such as Afterpay, Klarna, and Zip
  • Affirm
  • Sezzle
  • PayPal

In Target stores, you can also pay with cash, EBT (on qualifying items), the Target app, and Target vouchers. You can view the full list of payment methods accepted at Target by visiting their website here.

Other Ways To Cash Your Check Without A Bank

Even though Target does not cash checks, there are still other ways to cash your check without needing access to a bank or bank account.

Here is a list of some common locations that offer check-cashing services, along with the fees you can expect to pay.

  • Walmart
    • $4 fee for checks up to $1000
    • $8 fee for checks over $1000
  • Walgreens
    • FREE for checks up to $500
    • For checks over $500, there is a $5 fee per each $100 of the total check amount (in other words, if you cash a $600 check, you will be charged $30)
  • Kroger/QFC/Fred Meyer
    • $3 fee for checks up to $2000
    • $5.50 for anything between $2000.01 and $5000
  • Safeway/Albertsons
      • 1.15% fee (of total check amount)
  • Winco
    • $5 fee for checks under $500
    • $10 fee for checks between $500 and $1000
  • 7-Eleven
    • 0.99% fee (of total check amount)
    • Checks will be “cashed” onto a prepaid Mastercard®

You can also cash checks via PayPal with their “Cash a Check” service on the PayPal mobile app.


Does CVS cash checks?

While CVS does not offer check-cashing services in any of its stores, it does accept personal and business checks as valid forms of payment.

Does Target accept checks electronically?

While Target uses an electronic service called Certegy to verify the checks it accepts from its customers in-store, checks cannot be used as a form of payment on or in the Target app.

Will Target cash checks in the future?

Unfortunately, there is no sign that the major box store will begin offering check-cashing services in the future.

Where can you cash a personal check without verification?

You can cash a check without verification by going to the bank that issued the check. However, you will likely still need to provide some form of identification to prove that you are the person the check is intended for.

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