Does Home Depot Install Toilets? (Service Details & Cost)

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Are you in the market for a new toilet and are wondering where to start? Home Depot is the perfect place for you! They have versatile toilets that are highly convenient and affordable. Better yet, they can even install it in your home. Below is a comprehensive guide on toilet installation at Home Depot. Read on;


Does Home Depot Install Toilets?

Yes, they do! Whether you buy your new toilet at the Home Depot store or online, they will install it for you. Visit the Service Desk or talk to an associate at the store to help you out.

What’s included in the service?

The removal of the old toilet and installation of the new one is included in the service. Also, testing of the new toilet, attachment of flange bolts, and the supply lines are covered.

However, the toilet is not included, electrical work and drain repair. With these, you will have to pay extra charges.

Does the customer need to provide parts?

The toilet and the installation parts are not included in the installation price; hence, the customer will have to provide them.

Ensure that you have the toilet and installation parts, such as the wax ring, supply line, and floor bolts, ready before the installation begins. The good news is that Home Depot has all the parts needed at their stores, which you can access via their website.

Will home depot install toilets that are purchased from another retailer?

No, Home Depot only installs toilets purchased from their stores.

How much are the installation costs?

Home Depot does not hire installers; instead, they subcontract the work to local plumbers and electricians. However, this is something that you should not be worried about as they will still offer top-notch service. On average, the toilet installation costs are $269.

How long will the installation take?

Toilet installation is not a day or week’s job, as it can be completed within a few hours. It includes removing the old toilet and replacing it with the new one, which should last about three hours.

Does Home Depot dispose of old toilets?

Yes, Home Depot will remove the old toilet and dispose of it. They will also do a thorough cleanup as they install the new one. You, therefore, need not worry about recycling or hauling it as they will do it for you.

How do I set up an appointment to get my toilet installed by Home Depot?

You can set up the appointment online or visit the Service Desk at your local Home Depot Store. It is an easy process and will barely take minutes.

Toilet Installation Costs at Home Depot

Toilet type

The best toilet brands that you will get from Home Depot include Kohler, Delta, Toto, Vovo, Niagara, American Standard, and Glacier Bay.

Below are the different price ranges for the various types of toilets at Home Depot.

Type Cost
American Standard Tofino Complete 1-Piece Toilet $249
Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height 1-Piece Toilet $339
Kohler Cimarron Revolution 360 Complete Solution 2-Piece Toilet $280
Kohler Elmbrook The Compete Solution 2-Piece Toilet $199
Swiss Madison St.Tropez Wall Hung Toilet $217
Vovo Stylement Tankless Smart Bidet

One Piece Toilet


Labor costs

A standard toilet will cost you an average of around $348. The basic installation will cost you about $115.If they install a complex unit such as a wall-hung toilet, you may have to pay more.

Additional Expenses

Once installation begins, you might find that you need to do extensive repairs. Some of the issues you may encounter include leaks and corroded flanges.

For leaks, it will cost you around $6-$10 per square foot, while corroded flanges replacement will cost you approximately $40 for the parts and about $170-$550 due to labor costs.

What You Need To Know Before Installing a Toilet

Before installing a toilet, you need to get the right one first. Below are some factors to consider before installing a toilet.

Types of toilets

There are numerous toilets, namely one-piece, two-piece, tankless, and wall-mounted.

  • Two-piece Toilets.

These consist of two units, a bowl and a tank bolted at the top. These work well with various styles, hence perfect for the homeowner who wants to test out different themes.

  • One-piece Toilets.

These integrate the toilet and bowl into one unit giving it a clean and sleek look for a contemporary bathroom.

  • Tankless Toilets.

These toilets do not have the tank found in the one-piece and two-piece toilets. They, therefore, help save on space and are perfect for small bathrooms.

  • Wall-Mounted Toilets.

These toilets are bolted into a wall, hence saving you floor space. However, ensure that the walls are thick enough to accommodate the toilet before installing them.


The good news is that Home Depot has a 1-year limited labor warranty for toilet installation.

How to measure your toilet?

You need to take your measurements carefully to ensure that the new toilet fits the old one. To do this, ensure that the old toilet is still in place. Begin by measuring from the back wall to the center of the bolts at the toilet’s base. If your old one has four bolts, measure to the center of one of the rear bolts. This is what is known as rough-in measurement. In regular toilets, it ranges between 11 to 13 inches. If it exceeds 13 inches, then a standard toilet will not fit into that space, which will mean more work for you. In smaller bathrooms where space is limited, measuring from the sides of the bolts to the sidewalls is recommended to give you a side-to-side clearance.

Questions you should ask professionals before replacement

You need to ensure that the professionals are competent enough to replace your toilet. Some of the questions to ask them include:

  • Are they licensed?

It is crucial to only have a licensed plumber work in your home as you will be confident that they know the ins and outs of the job and are also familiar with the local codes. This shows that they are highly qualified for the job.

  • Are they insured?

Ensure that the plumber has liability insurance and workman’s compensation to cover any damages incurred if anything goes wrong. If you do not do that, you will have to pay for all damages from your pocket, which can be pretty frustrating.


How do I know the rough-in size of my toilet?

Measure the distance from the wall behind the old toilet to the center of the floor bolts. Round down to the nearest standard size, and you will have your rough-in size.

Can Home Depot replace a round toilet with an elongated toilet?

It is possible to replace a round toilet with an elongated one, but you have to be careful with the measurements. You might, however, need to move the wall to give more space to the toilet or change the plumbing configuration.

Does Home Depot also fix toilets?

Yes, with Pro Referral, Home Depot will introduce you to the available local professionals in your area. You can then compare their quotes and availability and choose one that will fix your toilet efficiently.

Does Home Depot sell Toilet Installation Kits?

Yes, they do. They stock Kohler, Everbit, Delta, Danco, and Grohe brands.

What is the home depot plumbing department number?

You can access plumbing services at Home Depot by calling 1-800-466-3337.


Installing a toilet does not have to be a daunting process, as Home Depot will make the process seamless for you. They have numerous toilets, plumbers, and contractors on call to help you with any issues you may have and are pretty affordable. With Home Depot, you can trust the quality of its products and services. Contact them today for a free quote!

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