Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber? (Cost + Process)

When it comes to home improvement, renovation, or construction projects, the Home Depot has everything. One of the most popular materials customers look for is lumber. The Home Depot has become a trusted name in lumber and wood products. So, look no further for the lowdown on Home Depot’s lumber services.

Home Depot Lumber Deliver

Will Home Depot Deliver Lumber?

The Home Depot offers delivery services for lumber purchases in-store or online. Home Depot offers a wide array of lumber products. Here is a look at the lumber products generally available at the Home Depot:

  • Boards and Planks (cedar, walnut, pine).
  • Tongue and grooves.
  • 1×3, 1×4, 1×6 boards.
  • Shiplap
  • Composite boards (PVC, MDF).
  • Softwood, weather, reclaimed, and hardwood boards.
  • Plywood (sanded, MDF, hardwood).
  • Orient Stand Board
  • Pressure-treated ground contact lumber
  • Timber
  • Framing lumber.
  • Decking (composite, wood)
  • Fencing (composite, wood, vinyl, posts, split rail)
  • Lattice (wood, vinyl)
  • Paneling
  • Shims
  • Engineered wood

The Home Depot offers delivery on purchases over $49. Home Depot offers curbside home or job site delivery. There is a $59 charge since the Home Depot generally uses flatbed trucks and forklifts to deliver lumber.

The Home Depot offers standard two-day delivery for lumber. Customers can also inquire about same-day delivery. Customers must place orders before 10 am to qualify for same-day delivery. Please note that threshold delivery includes placing lumber through doorways in places such as a backyard, garage, deck, etc. Customers are encouraged to double-check the delivery fee before finalizing their order.

Drivers call the registered number on the order 30 minutes before delivery. The Home Depot requests that customers receive their delivery in person. However, customers may request to have the delivery be left unattended. In that case, the delivery staff will leave the materials on the curb or in the nearest dry area.

How Much Does It Cost?

Home Depot currently charges a $59 fee to deliver lumber to home or job site. However, customers should verify the final delivery cost before completing their purchase in-store or online.

Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber for Free?

Home Depot offers free delivery for most items in purchases over $45. However, there is a $59 delivery charge for lumber, given the special equipment (trucks and forklifts) needed to deliver it. Customers are encouraged to verify the final delivery cost before completing their purchase.

How much should you tip the delivery personnel?

Tipping delivery personnel depends on the quality of service provided. Typically, a tip between $5 to $20 is an acceptable amount. Please note that customers are not obligated to tip delivery workers.

How to Get Lumber Delivered from Home Depot?

The Home Depot delivers lumber to customers’ homes or job sites after purchasing in-person or online. The Home Depot offers same-day delivery or standard two-day delivery. 

Via online or call

Customers can visit any Home Depot store, purchase online, or call to place their order.

  • For online purchases, please visit the Home Depot lumber purchase page here. Customers can find Home Depot’s vast assortment of lumber and wood products.
  • Customers can call Home Depot’s customer service number at 1-800-430-3376 to inquire about their order or track their delivery.
  • To inquire about or reschedule a delivery, customers can contact Home Depot’s customer service team at 1-877-946-9843, Monday to Sunday, from 6 am to 6 pm.

Via In-store

When purchasing lumber in-store, customers should visit the Pro Desk to inquire about materials, sizes, dimensions, pricing, and delivery. Customers can arrange all details in-store, including delivery to their home or job site.

How to track the delivery status

Customers can track their orders’ delivery status online or by phone.

  • Customers wishing to track their orders online can visit this page. Customers can look up their delivery by inputting their order number.
  • Customers can also track their orders’ delivery by calling 1-800-430-3376. If customers need to reschedule their delivery, they can call 1-877-946-9843 Monday to Sunday from 6 am to 6 pm.

Home Depot lumber delivery reviews

The Home Depot strives to offer a good delivery experience. Trustpilot is a trusted source of customer reviews. Customers can check out Home Depot reviews on Trustpilot here. Customers wishing to get more information on Home Depot lumber delivery reviews can check out this page

How Long Does it Take to Deliver Lumber?

Home Depot offers same-day and standard two-day delivery for lumber and wood products. Customers wishing for same-day delivery must place their orders before 10 am. Alternatively, customers can arrange in-store pickup. Orders are generally ready within two to four hours.

Is There Same-Day Delivery for Lumber at Home Depot?

Yes, the Home Depot offers same-day delivery for lumber and wood products. Customers must place their orders before 10 am to get same-day delivery services. Order preparation typically takes between two to hours, depending on order size. Drivers call customers roughly 30 minutes before the scheduled delivery time.

How Far Does Home Depot Deliver Lumber?

Home Depot delivers to virtually all areas in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. However, deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii may get an additional remote surcharge. The Home Depot calculates delivery routes based on customers’ zip codes. Home Depot delivers orders to customers’ homes or job sites.

Please note that the Home Depot uses several carriers, including UPS, FedEx, Roadie, or specialized professional delivery services from specific materials. Please note that Home Depot has teamed up with Walmart to offer same-day delivery service. The Home Depot also works with Instacart. However, bulky items such as soil bags, construction materials, or large appliances are not delivered.


How much do you have to spend at Home Depot for free delivery?

Customers that spend over $45 in-store or online can qualify for free delivery on over one million items.

Can you order lumber online from Home Depot through Instacart?

Home Depot does not deliver large items such as lumber through Instacart. Please check eligible products when using the Instacart app.

Can you order lumber online and pick it up in-store?

Customers can order lumber online and arrange in-store pickup. Most orders are typically ready in about two to four hours.

Does Home Depot have free delivery coupons?

Yes, the Home Depot offers free delivery coupons on thousands of eligible items. Free delivery includes same-day, standard two-day, and free curbside pickup.

Will Home Depot also cut lumber for you?

Yes, the Home Depot offers free in-store lumber-cutting services. Lumber must be purchased in-store to be eligible. Also, limits on the size and number of cuts vary from store to store. It’s best to consult with the Pro Desk before completing the purchase.

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