Does Costco Provide Furniture Warranty?

The Costco furniture warranty is an extended protection plan for your residential furniture. The warranty covers most types of furniture, including tables, chairs, sofas, and bed frames. You can return the product for a full refund or exchange it within 90 days.

Even after 90 days, you can still get a refund if the product has defects in material and workmanship.


Costco Furniture

What is Covered Under Costco Furniture Warranty?

Costco offers a limited extended warranty on select furniture. You’ll get a 90-day return policy for all furniture items purchased directly from their stores.

The warranty covers defects in material or artistry. It applies to furniture purchased at Costco warehouses or online at The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, willful damage, improper care, or failure to follow instructions included with the product (such as cleaning or assembly).

Also, it does not cover damage caused by pets, children, or accidents (including burns or stains), alterations by anyone other than an authorized manufacturer representative, or commercial use such as hotel/motel, office space, or restaurant space.

The following furniture is eligible for your warranty coverage:

  • Bedroom sets,
  •  Dressers & chests,
  • Dining room sets,
  • Entertainment units,
  • Home office furniture
  •  Living room sets

The warranty also covers patio and outdoor furniture. For example, when you buy Andersen & Stokke outdoor furniture, you’ll get a limited warranty strictly to the original purchaser. The warranty provides 3 years for the frame, 2 years for the wicker, and 1 year for the fabric from the date of purchase.

The warranty covers the repair or replacement of parts that prove defective during the furniture’s regular use. It does not cover wear and tear or damage caused by weathering, such as fading, chipping, or cracking. In the event of a claim, the vendor requires you to produce proof of the purchase date, which may be a sales receipt or invoice.

Despite the warranty, you cannot return some furniture to Costco, such as;

  • Furniture that has been modified or altered in any way, including having the fabric or leather cover removed or replaced
  • Custom-made or antique furniture that has a strict 90-day warranty period
  • Broken, misused, or damaged furniture through improper care and maintenance
  • Furniture used commercially (like in offices)

How Long Can You Return Furniture to Costco?

Costco offers limited warranties on most furniture products, which vary by manufacturer and product type. The average warranty period for Costco furniture is 90 days from the date of purchase.

Anything beyond that may be at the manufacturer’s discretion, who may offer extended warranties for a specific time.

Costco’s return policy is risk-free and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that you can return furniture anytime, no matter the time-lapse since purchase. Costco team members will inspect the product and advise you further at the time of return.

They may repair or replace the furniture if the warranty covers the reason for return.

How Does Costco Furniture Warranty Work?

The Costco furniture warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for up to 90 days after the purchase date. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear, damage caused by pets, abuse or neglect, or damage caused by fire, flood, earthquakes, or any other natural disaster.

You can claim your Costco furniture warranty by visiting your local Costco store or calling the customer care center at 1-800-774-2678. When claiming your warranty by phone, you may be required to give information such as;

  • Your name and phone number
  • Your physical address
  • The date you purchased the item
  • The item you are claiming the warranty for
  •   A description of the problem you’re having with your item

When visiting a Costco warehouse, you will need:

  • A copy of your receipt
  • Your membership card or number

The Costco customer service will help determine if your item is covered under warranty and provide instructions on how to get it repaired or replaced.

How to Return Furniture at Costco

Costco has a liberal return policy that allows customers to return most items, including furniture. For your return to go smoothly, ensure that you have all your paperwork in order when returning furniture at Costco.

This means having your receipt, original packing slip, and any other documentation related to the sale. You’ll also want to keep all original packaging in case it’s necessary for replacement purposes.

If you have purchased an item from Costco and would like to return it, you need to know the return policy for furniture. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to return furniture at Costco:

Returning Furniture Purchased at Costco Stores

  • Visit your nearest Costco warehouse to return the item. You can find the nearest Costco outlet by using the warehouse locator
  • Go to the customer service desk in your local warehouse and report the problem with the item
  • Remember to carry your receipt and the original packaging (although it is not a must)

Returning Furniture Purchased at Costco Online

If you’ve purchased furniture from, follow these steps to return it:

Log in to your Costco account

  • Go to Orders and returns
  •  Select the appropriate order
  • Click on the Return items button next to the order
  • Follow the prompts to complete your return request
  • You’ll receive a return label immediately via email
  •  Print the label and attach it to the item to be returned
  • Use a courier service to send the item back to the address printed on the return label

You can also schedule a pickup where eligible. If the furniture is large, you’ll receive an email with additional instructions on the return procedure. There are no shipping charges when returning the items bought online.

What Happens to Costco Furniture Returns?

Costco deals with returned furniture depending on its condition at the time of return. If the furniture is in perfect condition or “new, ” they’ll return it to the warehouse floor and sell it. But if it’s been opened or used in any way, it may be sold as refurbished merchandise.

Damaged goods are not allowed back into stock or sale. These include products with missing or broken parts or those that don’t work properly

Costco returns defective items to the manufacturers for repair. After repairing the furniture, the manufacturer may repackage it so that Costco can sell it at a discount price. In other instances, Costco sells the furniture through liquidation auctions in partnership with authorized companies.

Costco Furniture Warranty Review

Costco has an excellent warranty program on furniture, giving you peace of mind about your purchase. The furniture warranty enjoys positive reviews from customers who have bought items at their stores. Below are some of the customer feedback.

Costco Furniture Reviews


Does Costco have a lifetime furniture warranty?

Costco does not offer a lifetime furniture warranty. However, they do have an excellent return policy. If you do not like something, you can return it within 90 days of purchase. Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee also gives you a chance to return an item even after 90 days have lapsed.

Can you still return the furniture with termites to Costco?

If your furniture has termites, you may be able to return the affected items to Costco under the warranty if they’re still in their original condition (meaning they do not have any damages or alterations). However, if your furniture is already damaged by pests, it may not qualify for a refund or replacement.

This is because the damage is not a manufacturer’s defect, and the furniture is no longer in its original condition.

When is the Costco annual furniture sale?

Costco holds two furniture sales every year, one starting on the 4th of July and the other just before Christmas. If you’re looking for great deals on furniture, we recommend buying your items from July 10th and from December 15th.

Do you have to disassemble Costco furniture to return it?

You do not have to disassemble Costco furniture for a return. However, you may or may not have to disassemble it depending on the item. For example, if you purchase a bed, you will have to disassemble it to return it. But if you buy a chair or table, you don’t have to take anything apart.

Does Costco pick up furniture returns?

Costco will pick up any furniture you need to return to their warehouse. You need to initiate a return online and schedule a pickup. Pack up your item in its original packaging materials and include any paperwork that came in the original box, such as the packing slip. If applicable, include any accessories that came with the item when you purchased it.

Also, include a copy of your receipt and return label.

Can you return furniture to Costco without a box?

You can return furniture to Costco even without the original packaging. However, you will need all of the pieces that came with the item. You can also return items without an original receipt. Since Costco can track your purchases from your membership account, your purchase history is sufficient proof of ownership for returns.


Costco furniture warranty is simple and straightforward. It covers any material or manufacturer’s defects. If you have purchased an item from Costco and found that the product is defective, you can return it within 90 days of purchase without any hassles.

You will not be required to pay for shipping costs if you decide to return an item under the Costco furniture warranty. However, Costco does not give a specific timeframe for the furniture warranty, but you can return any item even after 90 days of purchase.

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