Does Costco Still Have Dental Insurance?

Costco is known for offering a wide range of services, from optical care to tire rotation. But what about dental insurance? For many years, Costco offered dental insurance plans through the Delta Dental program to its members.

Keep reading to find out if Costco still offers member dental insurance.

Costco Dental Insurance

Unfortunately, as of April 2022, Costco no longer offers dental coverage to its members. For many years, Costco offered dental insurance coverage through Delta Dental with plans made available exclusively to Costco members. However, this program officially ended on April 29, 2022.

If you are an existing Delta Dental customer, you can access your plan details here.

Costco does still offer dental plans for their employees, which you can read about here.

How Much Does Costco Dental Insurance Cost?

While Costco does not offer dental insurance to its members anymore as of April 2022, they do still offer dental coverage for their employees. You can read about the premiums, deductibles and coverages for their employee dental coverage here.

How To Get Costco Dental Insurance?

As of 2022, the only way to get access to dental insurance through Costco is by becoming a Costco employee. You can read all about Costco’s employee benefits here, and you can search for jobs at Costco here.

Is Costco Dental Insurance Any Good?

As of April 2022, Costco no longer offers dental insurance to its members. Their employee dental insurance includes a $50 deductible, and patients are required to pay 15% on basic services and 50% on major services.


Do Costco employees get dental insurance?

Yes. As of 2022, Costco employees are the only people who get access to Costco dental insurance.

What is not covered in Costco dental insurance?

Costco’s employee dental insurance offers at least some coverage for all services, including orthodontics. However, it only offers 100% coverage for preventive maintenance such as cleanings and exams.

Is sedation dentistry covered by dental insurance?

Unfortunately, most insurance providers do not cover sedation for dental procedures.

Are oral surgeons covered by dental insurance?

This depends on your insurance plan. Many common oral surgery procedures are covered, at least partially, by dental insurance. However, some procedures may need to be billed through your medical insurance.

Is there dental insurance that covers everything?

Yes. There are dental insurance plans available that are considered full coverage. However, certain oral procedures might fall into the category of medical care and would need to be covered by medical insurance.


While Costco might be reliable for most things, I guess we can’t assume they’re always going to be reliable for everything. When it comes to dental coverage, many Costco members had the rug pulled out from under them in April 2022 when the company announced they were ending their member dental insurance program. Time to search elsewhere for affordable dental coverage.

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