Aldi Flowers Buying Guide (Prices, Types, Events etc.)

Aldi sells flowers for a wide range of occasions and prices. If you’re already searching for a lovely arrangement or a classy festival display, Aldi maintains its reputation for delivering high-quality services at a reasonable price.

What Types of Flowers Does Aldi Sell?


  • Roses, tulips, carnations, daffodils, orchids, Lilies, daisies, etc are among the vibrant flowers used by Aldi in single and mixed floral arrangements. Buyers may purchase seasonal flowers at various prices throughout the year.
  • Additionally, Rhododendrons, perennials, geraniums, fuchsias, and other flowers may be found in plenty at Aldi.
  • On important occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas, you may get the premium bouquet in Assorted Colors with chrysanthemums, white lilies, yellow roses, orchids, and other flowers. This year for Valentine’s day they offered the 12 stem roses bouquet and the premium Valentine’s Day bouquet.
  • Aldi is well known for its seasonal flowers or holiday-themed fresh blooms. They are offered as “Aldi Finds,” a limited-edition, exclusive items which are off the shelves when the flowers sell out. During Easter, for instance, the store offers potted lilies.

Aldi Special Events and Seasonal Flowers

Aldi sells a variety of events and seasonal fresh flowers, including:

  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Valentines Day
  • Wedding flowers
  • Orchids
  • Lilies
  • Peony
  • Roses
  • Sunflowers
  • Wildflowers
  • Roses that glow in the dark
  • They also sell artificial flowers, bulbs, dried flowers, potted flowers, and flower-filled hanging baskets.
  • Aldi even offers a mixed variety of herbs, flowers, and vegetable packet seeds for throwaway prices.
  • Flower seeds may be purchased at Aldi if you want to grow flowers from seed to plant. These, though, are only offered as “Aldi Finds” during specific seasons such as spring and summer. During the season, Aldi sells ready-to-plant bulbs in addition to seeds.

How Much Are The Flowers at Aldi?

Aldi bouquets and flower arrangements start at $3.99 and go up to $11.99, $14.99, and $20. The price range is the same, regardless of the type of flowers used whether Aldi’s simple stem roses or little bouquets. Carnations, daisies, and assorted common flowers are also used. Their bigger premium bouquets are in the range of $8-20.

Whereas potted plants are slightly less expensive in the range of $2.50 for smaller plants and can even go up to $13. Their Valentine’s day umbo Mixed Bouquet costs $19.99 and features roses, lilies, mini calla lilies, hydrangeas, and Cocculus greens.

Where Do Aldi Flowers Come From? 

The major portion of the flowers in the store is grown on farms in Ethiopia and Kenya. Aldi, simultaneously, works with Australian farmers to acquire as many Australian-grown flowers and plants as necessary.

When Does Aldi Restock Flowers?

Aldi takes care to restock flowers daily, although fresh flower deliveries usually arrive on Wednesdays. For information on the delivery schedule at your local Aldi, contact the store manager.

Can you Custom Order Flowers at Aldi?

No, unlike a florist service, the Aldi chain of stores does not provide custom floral orders.

Flowers and plants can be found near the cash register because Aldi does not have a dedicated floral area. Also, potted plants and hung bouquets are even more likely to be seen on free-standing shelves in their supermarket aisles.

Can you Order Flowers Online At Aldi via Instacart?

Yes, you can order flower delivery online at Aldi via Instacart. It’s easy. You may order your favorite flowers from an ALDI near you using the Instacart app or website. After you’ve made your order, Instacart will match you with a personal shopper who will shop for and deliver your flowers. The “Leave at my door” option allows for contactless delivery. Using the app or website, you can keep track of your order’s status and connect with your shopper at any time.

Here are the steps:

  • Login to your Instacart account
  • Enter the recipient’s information
  • Select a nearby store
  • Order flowers to be delivered the same day or at a later time.

Does Aldi Provide Quality Flowers?

Yes, Aldi flowers are of high quality and a great bargain. The flowers are both fresh and economical. A bouquet of roses will survive about two weeks due to quality blossoms.

Many customers have hailed Aldi’s roses as a favorite for their consistent quality. With proper care, shoppers say the bouquets last up to two weeks!

Aldi bouquets, in particular, come with care instructions, which will undoubtedly extend the life of the flowers. Aldi flowers have frequently been regarded as delightful, fresh, stunning, and long-lasting by customers.

Does Aldi Sell Flowers in Bulk?

Yes, you may purchase in bulk at the Aldi store near you and have the manager place a special order for you. They’ll need to know the date and the quantity. Since flowers come crammed in boxes, it’s best to receive them a day or two before your event so they can open up and blossom. About 15 1/2 dozen roses are usually packed in the boxes. You can pay them when it is picked up. Since they come in a variety of colors, you can’t specify which ones you want.

Simply use the included plant food package and they will look fantastic for your occasion. You could spend roughly $130 for 30 1/2 dozen bouquets and still have plenty of flowers left over, so have fun!

Does Aldi Also Sell Plants? 

Yes, Aldi offers houseplants as well as other plants. Aldi also sells limited-edition plant stands, tiered plant stands, planter boxes, and other accessories for exhibiting your houseplants at various seasons of the year.

Types of Plants: Hanging baskets for porches and perennials for planting come out in the springtime. They sell Daylily, Coreopsis, and Hosta plants during the seasons. Yet, these plants are perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb. Coreopsis, popularly known as tickseed, is a brilliant perennial.



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