Costco AirPods Return Policy

There are plenty of reasons why you might end up needing to return your Airpods. Maybe you received them as a gift but you already have a pair you love. Or maybe you’ve tried them out and decided that AirPods just aren’t your thing. Whatever the reason, keep reading to find out whether you can return Airpods to Costco Warehouse.

Costco Airpods


Can You Return AirPods At Costco?

Yes! You can absolutely return Airpods to Costco.

Costco has a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy, meaning that if you aren’t completely happy with your purchase for any reason, you are more than welcome to return it for a full refund.

You can even return your Airpods if they have been opened and/or used, or if you’ve lost the receipt. Costco’s website states that while it’s helpful to bring a receipt and the original packaging when you return an item, these are not necessarily to process your return.

The only limitation to returning Airpods to Costco is that they must be returned within 90 days of purchase. This applies to returns on all electronics, though it does not apply to returns of other times.

What is Costco’s Return Policy for Electronics?

Generally speaking, Costco’s general return policy applies to electronics as well. The only difference is that electronics must be returned within 90 days of purchase (or 90 days from when the customer receives the merchandise in the case of online orders).

This policy applies to all electronics sold at Costco, including AirPods, televisions, projectors, refrigerators and other major appliances, computer, tablets, smart watches, cameras, cellular phones, electronic accessories such as headphones, etc.

Can You Return Your Airpods Without A Receipt?

Yes! According to Costco’s return policy, a receipt is not necessary to be eligible for a return.

How To Return AirPods At Costco

There are a few different ways to return items to Costco, and it all depends on how you purchased your item. Below, we’ll walk you through the refund process whether you’d like to return your AirPods in person or online.

If you purchased your items at a Costco Warehouse location…

  • Bring your AirPods to the Costco Warehouse location where you made your purchase
  • If you have your original receipt and the product’s packaging, bring both of these (optional)
  • Bring all parts of your item that were contained within the original packaging, including manuals, original accessories, as well as the earphones themselves
  • Bring your item to the returns counter and let them know that you would like a refund
  • The employee at the returns counter will walk you through the rest of the process

You will not be able to return your items via the self-checkout counters. For more information about how to return items to Costco Warehouse, click here.

If you purchased your items at…

Unfortunately, Costco does not accept online returns for any Apple products. But the good news is, you can still return your AirPods to any Costco Warehouse location even if you made your purchase online. Simply follow the steps listed above. You can find out where the nearest Costco location is by using the Costco store locator tool.

If you need to return an item other than Airpods or other Apple products and you would like to complete your return online, follow these steps…

  • Log in to your account
  • Select “Orders & Returns”
  • Click the “Return Items” button next to the order you would like to return and follow the prompts to complete your return
  • The prompts will walk you through the process of printing your return label, assembling your return package, and returning your item by mail

For more information about returning items online, including a full list of items that cannot be returned online, click here.

How Does Costco Process Your Refund?

Generally, returns are processed based on the original payment method you used to complete your purchase such as a debit card or credit card. For a list of all payment methods accepted at Costco Warehouse or, click here. In some cases, Costco may issue the amount of your refund onto a Costco Shop Card (gift-card).

Can You Exchange Your AirPods At Costco?

Costco’s website does not list a specific exchange policy separate from their return policy. But we are assuming that since they are happy to accept most returns, they will also be able to facilitate exchanges. There is a possibility that they will process the exchange as a refund and a new purchase.


Can you return Apple products to Costco?

Yes, you can return any electronic item to Costco, including Apple products. The only limitations to this are that you must return your electronics within 90 days of receiving them and you cannot return Apple products via the self-service return feature on Apple products must be returned in person at a Costco Warehouse location.

What is Costco’s warranty on AirPods?

Airpods purchased from Costco are protected by Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy. This applies for 90 days. If you would like additional coverage, you can purchase AppleCare+ for Headphones or AppleCare+ for AirPods Max Headphones. AppleCare provides an additional warranty that can be used for replacement or repair plus additional customer support.

What is the quickest method of refund?

The quickest way to receive a refund for an item purchased at Costco is to visit your local Costco Warehouse and process your return at the returns counter. You will receive an immediate refund to your original form of payment. Bank processing periods may apply.

How do you return gifted AirPods without a Costco membership?

Even if you’re not a Costco member, you can still return your AirPods to Costco if they were purchased there originally. Simply visit your local Costco Warehouse and let the door person know that you need to visit the returns counter. They will let you enter the store without a membership card, and you will not be asked to provide a receipt or proof of purchase.

However, you will need to provide the Costco membership number of the person who purchased the item originally. The cashier will then be able to look up the order number in their system based on the member transaction. Because you are not the original purchaser, the amount of the refund will likely be refunded onto a Costco Shop Card which can be used by non-members.

Do you need to give a reason for returning your AirPods?

Nope! One of the great things about returning things at Costco is that there are no strings attached. Just not liking the product is reason enough to return an item as far as Costco is concerned.


Can Costco get any more accommodating? Wow. We’re impressed! Costco has an amazing and flexible return policy that applies to all Apple products, including AirPods. Just remember that Apple products have to be returned in person at a Costco Warehouse. 

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