Aldi is Selling a Candle That Smells Like Our Favorite Summer Sip

We’re thinking this Vista Bay Coconut Mango Candle will be our new summer favorite! 

Aldi’s Huntington Home 3-wick candles are one of the first things that sold us on the Aisle of Shame.

aldi candles summer 2020

They are the same size and style as the Bath & Body Works candles so many of us love, and at $3.99, they are about 1/5th the price. When I first bought one, I remember thinking, “yeah, there’s no way they are as good.”

But, I was proven wrong. They have a great scent throw, which is my biggest priority with a scented candle. Members of our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Group rave about them!

I will admit, though, that sometimes I find them to be hit or miss on the scents. There will be one or two I like, and then others I don’t like at all. But, I’m guessing it’s that way everywhere with candle scents.

So, of course, I am always interested when new Aldi candle scents come out. There’s a new batch of Huntington Home 3-wick candles due in store on June 17, and it appears Aldi is trying something new. We see you Aldi! Feast your eyes on this.

coconut mango candle

That, my friends, is a Vista Bay Coconut Mango candle. That’s right — a candle scented to match our favorite hard seltzer!

If the coconut mango isn’t your cup of tea, Aldi has three more summer candles arriving on June 17 — Hawaiian Luau, Indigo Waters, and Under the Stars.

Hawaiian Luau 3-wick candles

Happy candle hunting, Aldi friends!

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