Aldi Is Selling Cocktail Flavored Chips, And We’ll Have a Double

These Aldi cocktail chips may just be the perfect happy hour snack!

Oh, Aldi, one of the best things about you is how easy you make it to keep our snack cupboards fully stocked. Your ever-changing variety of snacks keeps us from ever being bored.

But this time, you may have really outdone yourself.

We love a great potato chip, almost as much as we love a good cocktail. And somehow, you’ve read our minds and put the two together.

Check out these Aldi cocktail chips!

cocktail chips

These Clancy’s Krinkle Cut Chips are coming soon in two NEW flavors!

Aldi bloody mary chips

Let’s start with what Aldi is labeling its “brunch special.” We expect these Bloody Mary cocktail chips will be a top seller. We hope they’ve got a great mix of the flavors of a Bloody Mary — tomato, lemon, celery, worcerstershire, and a slight kick from the hot sauce. Can you tell we’re excited about these?

Aldi moscow mule chips

Now we have to admit, we were skeptical about these Moscow Mule cocktail chips when we first saw them. But, on second thought, what are the flavors of a Moscow Mule? Ginger and Lime. And that sounds like a great combination for a chip.

We’ll be grabbing both of these when they come to Aldi stores the week of Oct. 21 (Oct. 18 in stores with a Sunday ad switchover). Which ones will you try first?

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  1. I had the Bloody Mary chips from Aldi’s on Abercorn in Savannah. I loved them but they sold out. How can I get more?

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