Can You Return Clearance Items to Target?

If you’re an avid Target shopper, then you’ve probably bought more than a few things on sale at this popular retailer. But what happens if that sweater you got on super sale isn’t actually as cute as you thought it was? Can you return clearance items to Target? Keep reading to find out!

Target Clearance
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What Is Target’s Return Policy?

Target is famous for having one of the most generous and flexible return policies among major retailers. You can read the company’s full return policy here, but we’ll also give you a breakdown to make it easy.

The key thing to know is that Target accepts returns on most unopened items within 90 days of purchase if the customer can provide proof of purchase. While purchase receipts are the most common proof of purchase, Target also accepts packing slips (for orders received in the mail) and return barcodes (for orders placed through the Target app).

Some items sold by Target have what’s called a “modified return policy,” which will be noted on the receipt or packing slip when you receive your item. According to the company’s website, “items that are opened or damaged or do not have a receipt may be denied a refund.” That said, we have heard of many examples of customers still being able to return items even if they’ve been opened or lightly used.

Some other details about Target’s return policy:

  • Any Target-owned brand items can be returned within 1 year with a receipt.
  • Target RedCard debit and credit card holders are given an additional 30 days to return items purchased with their RedCards.
  • There is an extended return window during the holidays for electronics, entertainment items, and Apple products. If purchased between October 1st and December 25th, these items can be returned within 30 days starting on December 26th.

Restrictions to be aware of:

  • Some holiday or limited-time-only items may have modified return policies. Check your receipt or packing slip at time of purchase.
  • Unfortunately, Target does not accept international returns or exchanges, including for purchases made online.
  • Electronics and entertainment items must be returned within 30 days of purchase.
  • Mobile phones must be returned within 14 days.
  • All other Apple products must be returned within 15 days.

The following items cannot be returned to Target:

  • Open or defective collectibles (such as sports cards or limited edition Barbie dolls)
  • Personalized items
  • Digital downloads
  • Opened or unsealed breast pumps
  • Gift cards
  • Music, movies, video games, and software if they have been opened (these items do however remain eligible for exchange)

You can read the full list of Target return exceptions here.

Can I Return Items Without Receipts?

The answer here is a little tricky. Technically, Target’s return policy states that customers need to provide a receipt or valid proof of purchase in order to return purchases. However, many Target stores are known for accepting returns even if no proof of purchase can be provided. So, the best thing to do is try to return your item even if there’s a chance the return won’t be accepted.

There are also alternatives to providing a receipt for your return. If you return your item within 24 hours of purchase, the store should be able to pull up a record of your purchase in their system, and you won’t be expected to provide a receipt. Also, if you purchased something online and wish to return it to the store, packing slips count as proof of purchase as do return barcodes received through the Target app.

What Is Target’s Return Policy During Covid?

Despite temporarily halting in-store returns and exchanges in 2020, Target has returned to its standard return policy as of 2022. There are currently no Covid-related restrictions on Target’s return policy.

What Is Target’s Return Policy In Different Stores?

Technically, Target’s return policy should be the same wherever you go. However, employees and managers at individual Target stores are given the power of discretion when deciding whether or not to accept returns. If you have your receipt, it’s been less than 90 days since you purchased your item, and your item is not opened or damaged, then there is no reason your return would be denied. That said, if any of these factors are lacking, then it will be up to the judgment of the employee you speak with to decide whether or not to grant the return.

How To Return Clearance Items To Target

Returning clearance items to Target works the same way as returning any other item, unless there is a return policy exemption stated on the receipt or packing slip you received at the time of purchase or delivery.

To return an item to Target, simply visit any Target location within 90 days of purchase. Bring your proof of purchase with you, visit the guest services desk, and explain why you would like to return your item. As long as the item is unopened and undamaged, they likely will not ask any further questions and they will simply refund you the price of the item to your original form of payment. To return items purchased online, follow these instructions.

What Clearance Items Can Be Returned To Target? 

Any clearance items can be returned to Target as long as they are not damaged and do not fall into the return exceptions category. Some return exceptions include open or defective collectibles, open or unsealed breast pumps, and digital downloads.

How To Return Clearance Items To Target With A Receipt

Returning items to Target with a receipt is a breeze! Simply visit your local Target store with the item you wish to return and head to the guest services counter with your item and receipt. The employee you speak with will walk you through the return process and refund you the price you paid for the item to your original form of payment.

How To Return Clearance Items To Target Without A Receipt

You can still try to return clearance items to a Target store without a receipt, but there’s no guarantee you will receive a refund. Explain to the employee at guest services why you would like to return your item, and they will decide whether or not to grant you the refund.

If you purchased your item on or through the Target app, then returning your item without a receipt should be a little easier since there will be a record of your purchase. If you received your item in the mail, try to find your packing slip. This counts as a valid proof of purchase. If you have a record of your purchase through the Target app, you can receive a “return barcode” which can then be used to return your item in-store.

How To Return Holiday And Seasonal Clearance Items At Target

Just like all other items, holiday and seasonal clearance items can be returned to Target unless there is a specific return exception listed on the receipt or packing slip you received at the time of purchase. If not, then you can simply return your items to any Target location in person, or follow these steps to return your item by mail.

How To Buy Clearance Items At Target

Most Target stores feature clearance sales throughout the store. There is also usually a section at the front of the store reserved specifically for clearance items. When you enter most Target locations, you will see a small section near the entrance with shelves set up displaying clearance items. As you shop throughout the rest of the store, you may encounter clearance items in other sections as well.

Are Target Clearance Items Final Sale?

No. Target offers returns and exchanges on clearance items as long as the items are in good condition, are being returned within the designated return window, and the customer can provide proof of purchase.

Does Target Do Price Adjustments On Clearance Items?

Despite their flexible return policy on clearance items, Target does not allow price adjustments or price matching on clearance items.

Target Clearance

Can You Exchange A Clearance Item?

Yes! Just like with returns, Target’s standard exchange policy applies to all clearance items as long as they are in good condition, can be verified with proof of purchase, and are being exchanged within the designated exchange window (typically 90 days). 


Can you return large items to Target?

Absolutely. There are very few things Target does not allow returns on. Unless there is a specific return exception noted on your receipt or packing slip, then you should be able to return your item to Target as long as it is in good condition and meets the other return requirements.

Can you immediately get a cash refund on a cash purchase?

Yes. If you paid for your items with cash originally, then you will receive an immediate cash refund when you successfully return your item.

Can you return clearance items purchased with a gift card or coupons?

Yes! You can return clearance items if they were purchased with a gift card or coupon. If you purchased your items with a gift card, then this is considered your original form of payment, and the amount will be refunded to your gift card. If you used a coupon for your purchase but completed the transaction in cash or with some other form of payment that is not a gift card, you will be refunded the coupon amount via a Target gift card, then you will be refunded the rest of the purchase amount onto your original form of payment.

Can international returns be made at Target?

No. Target does not accept any international returns.

Can you return clothes at Target without a tag?

Yes. Target does not state any restrictions on returning clothing without tags. As long as the clothing is in good condition and you can provide proof of purchase, your clothing will be eligible for return regardless of whether it has tags.

Can you return clearance items to Target by mail?

Yes. Clearance items can be returned both in-person and by mail, just like any other items purchased at Target.

Where does Target send their clearance items?

If clearance items remain unsold, Target may donate them or sell them to discount stores.


We learned a lot today! Mainly that Target’s return policy is the same regardless of whether the items you purchased were on sale. Great news! Unless otherwise noted, clearance items are fully eligible for return and exchange at Target. Happy shopping!

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