Buying Ice at Costco

Select Costco locations sell 24-lb bags of ice for about $3. Prices and availability vary by location, and not all Costco locations sell ice.

If your local Costco Warehouse sells ice, you should be able to find the ice freezers at the front of the store near the registers or exits. In some locations, the ice freezers might be outdoors.

To find out if your local Costco sells ice, simply call or visit the store and ask an employee.

Costco Ice

Types Of Ice And Pricing

Costco Ice 16 lbs

Costco sells cubed ice from a company called Arctic Glacier.

This ice comes in 24-lb bags and is currently available for $3.09, though prices may vary by location. 

Select Costco locations also sell 50-lb bags of ice from the same brand for just under $5.


Can you buy ice from Costco online?

No. Ice cannot be purchased from Costco online. The only exception to this is that Costco Business Center Canada sells small bags of The Iceman Bagged Ice Cubes online.

Does Costco deliver ice bags?

No. In most cases, ice can only be purchased from Costco in person.

Can you buy dry ice at Costco?

No. Costco does not currently sell dry ice.

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