Aldi Portable Air Conditioners – A Complete Guide

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Lacking a central air system in your room shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the cool breeze your body craves, especially when the summer heat sets in. Still, what if your hot season isn’t long enough to demand a permanent cooling system in the house? In such situations, only a portable air conditioner can come to your rescue.

Aldi Easy Home 8000 BTU

Aldi sells portable air conditioners fit for the sweltering summer night heat. If the summer heat is turning your nights into nightmares, Aldi portable air conditioner is your best bet. With such in your room, you can afford, literally, some peaceful sleep.

At Aldi’s Special Buys section, you will find exciting tech deals that are not only amazing but also pocket-friendly.

Who Makes Aldi Portable Air Conditioners?

One of the outstanding characteristics of Aldi discount supermarket is its excellent source of supplies from remarkable manufacturers.

Aldi sells both Easy Home and Stirling portable air conditioners.

How Much Are The Portable Air Conditioners at Aldi?

Aldi portable air conditioner can cost you in the range of $299 to $399 depending on the season (they sell air conditioners depending on the season) and brand.

How to Buy Aldi Portable Air Conditioners

Once the summer heat sets in, you can go to Aldi’s stock checker to confirm the availability of the portable air conditioner that can soothe you at night.  The discount supermarket offers a wide range of products under their twice-a-week offers specifically run on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

While at it, saving money is Aldi’s tagline; it’s only prudent that you live up to it. 

What does this mean for a shopper?

That you follow tested money-saving tips so that can make a difference to your pocket. Aldi supermarket has cut its niche as a discount supermarket, offering lower prices than its competitors don’t. 

Therefore, here are a few premium money-saving tips you can benefit from as you push that trolley or navigate Aldi’s website in search of portable ACs.

Few Tips on Saving Money While at Aldi

  • Make Use of the Ads

It’s no secret that offers come at a discounted rate. Aldi ads point out what’s on offer in their weekly deals, which helps you not to miss anything, whether tech or grocery. 

Also, you can access these ads on our website. Essentially, these ads should help you create a functional shopping list beforehand, saving you time and money.

  • Don’t Forget the Centre Aisle

The center aisle teems with amazing deals that will save you some bucks. And who said you could only purchase the portable AC at Aldi? While at this supermarket, pass by the center aisle of deals, and you won’t be disappointed. 

Here, you’ll come across seasonal items such as cookware, holiday items, and more! 

The beautiful thing is that these items are offered at discounted rates that you won’t easily find anywhere else. Is that not saving?

  • Look out for the Clearance Rack

At Aldi, most stores have a rolling rack where all stuff on clearance sale is stocked. If you want to save money, check on these racks, and you’ll still find what you want at an affordable price. Some items on these racks can cost as low as 50 cents.

  • Check Deals at Checkout

Even at the tail-end, Aldi still offers deals! While items at this section are seasonal, they save you bucks since most of them can cost way below a dollar.  

Are Aldi Portable Air Conditioners Worth It?

Nobody ever wants to put their bucks where they see no value. Interestingly, price and value go hand in hand. So, purchasing Aldi portable air conditioner models is no different. All said and done, Aldi portable air conditioners perform the role they were built for by turning unbearable nights into blissful ones. For that alone, they’re worth the price.

So, let’s check these models and see what else makes them worth it.

  • Stirling Portable Air Conditioner

Aldi Stirling

The unit is simple to use, and with 7,000 BTU to 14,000 BTU, it fits spaces between 14 m² to 30 m². With remote control function, you can set the unit to desirable conditions right from the comfort of your seat or bed. 

Customers who have used this device have different feelings regarding its worth. While some praise it for its efficiency, affordability, and portability, others find its features, such as the wifi function, not working as expected. 

Also, some customers find its noise level, which is between 66 dB to 67 dB, to be fairly low. This means it doesn’t make noise while in operation but just hums or still equals the sound of a normal conversation. 

With a single hose ventilation system, the unit is slightly less efficient since it relies on the air inside the room. Also, warm air from adjacent rooms can easily seep through, weakening its efficiency. 

  • Easy Home 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Aldi Easy Home 8000 BTU
Aldi US per pinterest

With 8,000 BTU capacity, this portable air conditioner can cool rooms between 250 sq ft and 400 sq ft. It’s easily portable and can be moved from cooling one room to another by simply unplugging it from the power outlet and plugging it into the other. With such convenience, you save costs that come by installing a cooler in each room. 

The presence of the oscillating air discharge feature makes the unit admirable because it evenly distributes air in the room.  Additionally, its 3-in-1 operation mode means that the unit can cool, dry, and fan the room simultaneously.  


What is the highest BTU for a portable air conditioner that Aldi sells?

At Aldi, you can get portable air conditioners of up to 14,000 BTU.

Do Aldi portable air conditioners have to be vented out the window?

No. Not all because some can be installed in the sliding doors. For all portable air conditioners to work efficiently, they must be installed in such a way that they exhaust the hot air outside.

Do Aldi portable air conditioners have a window kit?

Yes. The easy Home 8000 BTU, Easy Home 5000 BTU, and Stirling Portable air conditioners come with window kits.

How do you troubleshoot Aldi portable air conditioners?

Your portable air conditioner may exhibit symptoms of malfunctioning such as failing to start, stopping without prompt, or even failing to let the air out.

Each symptom requires a different troubleshooting approach. If the AC fails to start, check that it’s correctly plugged in or that its cord isn’t damaged. If the problem persists, seek the services of a qualified electrician.

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