Affordable Casket Options Available At Costco

Shopping for a casket in the event of a loved one’s death is not an easy task. But being able to streamline your casket shopping experience by buying something affordable at Costco could make a difficult time just a tiny bit easier.

Today, we’ll go over all the details of how to buy a casket from Costco and what to expect from the process.

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How To Buy A Casket From Costco

The simplest way to purchase a casket from Costco is to visit Costco’s website. You can browse all caskets currently available on here. At this time, Costco does not sell caskets at their Warehouse locations.

The caskets sold at Costco are manufactured and delivered by one of two companies–Prime Caskets and Titan Casket. In most cases, these companies guarantee delivery of your casket within three days of your order. However, in some cases, they can deliver your casket even sooner.

Before you place your order, call Prime Caskets at 800-294-8548 or Titan Casket at 888-999-7112 to confirm availability and delivery time and date. Check the product listing of your desired casket to determine which company you need to call. Once you have spoken with your casket manufacturer and confirmed that your desired casket is available by the time and date you need it, you can return to the product listing on to place your order.

Please be aware that Costco only accepts casket orders after a death has occurred, and their caskets can only be delivered to mortuaries and funeral homes. Costco does not accept pre-planned casket orders before a death has occurred, and they will not deliver caskets to private addresses.

Types of Caskets Available at Costco

As of the writing of this article, there are eight casket models available on

These casket models include…

All of these caskets are manufactured and delivered by Prime Caskets, with the exception of the Titan Military Select Steel Casket, which is manufactured and delivered by Titan Casket.

Shipping and delivery are included in the cost of your casket.

Affordable Caskets at Costco

Most of the caskets sold at Costco are available for the same price–$1,149.99. This means that you have six different models to choose from when shopping from the most affordable caskets at Costco.

According to several sources online, it’s not uncommon for casket prices to start at around $2,000 and range up to $5,000 or more. So, judging by this, the caskets available at Costco are certainly more affordable than what you might find elsewhere. That said, there are other companies online–including Titan Casket and Overnight Caskets–that offer casket and coffin models for under $1,000.

Costco Casket Ratings

At the time this article was written, all of the caskets available on have 4- or 5-star ratings based on averaged customer reviews.

The highest-rated caskets on include…

  • The Mother’s Casket
  • Titan Military Casket
  • The Royal Silver Casket

The lowest-rated caskets on include…

  • The Hampton Casket
  • The President Casket
  • The Prime Rose Casket

Customer complaints about these lower-rated caskets include the following feedback

Caskets costco Review 2

Caskets costco Review 1

Caskets costco Review

Cost of a Costco Casket

When you order a casket from Costco, you can expect to pay between $1,149.99 and $1,599.99, plus tax. This cost includes shipping, handling, and delivery.

Average Funeral Costs

Funeral costs vary based on many different factors, including where you live and what style of funeral you choose for your loved one. To learn about the average funeral costs in your area, use this tool provided by

According to information gathered from several different sources, the average cost of a funeral starts at around $7,000 and can range up to $12,000. Of course, it’s possible to plan a funeral for less than $7,000, and many people also choose to spend more than $12,000 on funeral services for their loved ones.

Just remember that how much you spend on your loved one’s funeral is not a reflection of how much you care for them. If you can’t afford to plan an expensive funeral, that’s okay.

What If You Can’t Afford A Costco Casket?

Not being able to afford a Costco casket doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. There are several other online retailers that sell caskets for a bit less than you might spend at Costco. However, it’s worth noting that even the cheapest caskets available cost almost $1,000.

Other sites that sell affordable caskets include…

  • Titan Casket
  • Overnight Caskets
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

If you really cannot afford to buy a casket, consider the possibility of building one yourself. Of course, this probably won’t feel like a realistic option if you’re needing a casket on short notice in the event of an unexpected or sudden death. However, for those who are planning ahead and have the resources and skills, building a casket might be a perfect option. To learn more about building your own casket to legal standards, check out this article from


What is the difference between a coffin and a casket? 

While they serve the same purpose, coffins and caskets are different in shape and style. Coffins are tapered to mimic the human form, larger at the top and narrower at the bottom. They are also typically hexagonal while coffins are rectangular. Another difference is that coffin lids are typically designed to be removable, while casket lids are attached with hinges. Stylistically, caskets are considered more modern while coffins are considered more traditional or “old-fashioned.” As of March 2023, Costco does not sell coffins.

Does Costco sell urns?

No. As of March 2023, Costco does not sell urns.

Does Costco sell military caskets?

Yes. You can view the Titan Military Select Steel Casket on here.

Can you return a casket to Costco?

Yes, but only in certain circumstances. According to Costco’s casket FAQs, “ will only accept a return of a casket due to freight or cosmetic damage from shipping.”

What are the best caskets for cremation?

Caskets intended for cremation should be made of flammable wood. Bamboo and wicker are common choices, as are willow, oak, and maple.

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