A Surprising Perk of Costco Membership Not Talked About

Everybody knows that becoming a Costco member comes with a ton of benefits, right? Shopping at Costco is a major benefit on its own, considering the low prices Costco offers every day on high-quality items.

But something we don’t talk about enough is the fact that Costco members also get exclusive deals and discounts on a wide range of services (beyond the obvious ones like Costco gas and Costco Travel). For example, Costco members can get discounts when purchasing new and used vehicles, buying auto insurance, buying pet insurance, or even renovating a home. 

Keep reading to find out exactly how Costco Services work for Costco members, and how you can take advantage today.

Costco Membership

The Perks of Getting A Costco Membership

Before we dive into the details of Costco Services, let’s go over the basic benefits of signing up for a Costco membership…

Costco members can choose from two basic membership levels–Gold Star and Executive.

Gold Star Costco memberships are fairly basic. With a Gold Star member card, you can shop at any Costco Warehouse and on Costco.com (including access to all Member Only items). Plus, you get access to Costco Services, including but not limited to Costco gas, Costco Travel, Costco Tire Center, and more.

As an Executive Costco member, you get a bit more. Executive members get access to everything a basic membership offers, plus 2% rewards (up to $1,000 yearly) on all qualifying Costco and Costco Travel purchases.

Regardless of your membership level, you get access to exclusive services (known as Costco Services) at competitive prices. Some of these services include:

  • Costco Auto Buying Program
  • CONNECT Auto Insurance
  • Figo Pet Insurance

While all members can access these services, Executive members receive additional discounts in certain cases.

Do Costco Members Get Discounts on Services?

As a Costco member, you can find discounts on everything from car insurance to pet insurance to prescription medication and more. To check out all of the Costco services you can access today, click here.

Some of the services Costco members can access with exclusive pricing and benefits include…

  • Auto insurance
  • Business health insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Prescriptions
  • Auto buying
  • Harland Clarke checks
  • Shutterfly
  • Solar panel installation
  • Flooring and carpet installation
  • HVAC installation
  • Truck rentals
  • Identity protection

And the list goes on! There really is no end to the ways you can save as a Costco member.

For the most part, all Costco members get access to these services regardless of membership status. However, Executive members can receive additional discounts and benefits when taking advantage of certain Costco Services.

For example, as of April 2023, Costco Executive members can receive discounts and benefits when switching to CONNECT Auto Insurance. Benefits include free roadside assistance, glass repair reimbursement, and home lockout assistance.

To browse through all of the Costco Services available in 2023, click here.


How to get a Costco membership for free?

There are only two ways to receive a free Costco membership–become a Costco employee or be gifted a membership by a Costco employee. If you live in the same household as a Costco member, you can also receive a complimentary household member card that you can use to shop at Costco or on Costco.com. However, you will not receive all of the benefits associated with the membership if you are not the primary account holder (for example, you will not earn separate 2% rewards on an Executive membership). 

Does Costco offer senior discounts on membership?

Unfortunately not. To read more about Costco’s policy on senior memberships and discounts, check out our post about it here.

Do Costco employees get a free membership?

Yes. All Costco employees receive a free membership for themselves, plus three additional free memberships for friends and family each year.

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