What Is Home Depot’s Dress Code?

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Home Depot’s dress code demands that all employees wear clothing that is appropriate for work. Employees can wear jeans, collared shirts, pants, dress pants, slacks, and hoodies. They must also wear Home Depot’s orange apron at all times.

Home depot dress code

Below are some guidelines regarding the different attire you can have at Home Depot.

  • Shirts – you can wear shirts of any color. They have to be collared and can either be long-sleeved or short-sleeved shirts
  • Pants – you can wear jeans at work. The jeans should not be too tight or ripped. No leggings are allowed at the workplace
  • Shoes – you need to always wear close-toed and comfortable shoes. Since you’ll be on the move most of the time, your shoes should provide enough support
  •  Hats/Caps – you can wear a hat at Home Depot, provided it advertises the Home Depot brand. Any hat that promotes other brands or has offensive language is not allowed
  • Shorts/Skirts – Shorts and skirts are allowed as long as they are a few inches above the knees. You cannot, however, wear sports shorts
  • Hair – your hair needs to be clean at all times. If you have long hair, it should be well tied to avoid any accidents at the workplace. Colored hair is acceptable as long as it does not distract other people. Beards are allowed as long as they are well groomed
  • Jackets – you can wear a jacket provided it has no offensive,  religious, political or personal messages. Sleeveless jackets are not allowed in the store

Do Home Depot Employees Have To Wear An Apron?

In addition to the prescribed dress code, Home Depot employees must wear the Home Depot apron at all times. The aprons are orange in color and have a Home Depot badge printed on them.  

You cannot leave the store with the apron even if you need to clean it. Worn-out pieces remain the property of Home Depot, and the manager will issue you a new one and dispose of the rest. Store managers also distribute and collect the aprons at the end of the shifts.

Home Depot does not allow you to customize or alter your apron. You cannot decorate or have additional markings or writings apart from the Home Depot logos.

How Strict Is The Home Depot Dress Code?

The Home Depot has strict guidelines regarding clothing and appearance that you must follow at all times while in the store. Store managers ensure that employees abide by the set rules about dressing.

Employees who violate the dress code first receive a warning. You can get fired if found to be intentionally violating the dress code.

What Is The Dress Code For Home Depot Orientation?

The dress code for a Home Depot job interview is business casual. You should wear something that makes you look presentable and professional. It’s not just about the style of the clothes you wear, but how they reflect your personality and fit into the company culture. That means no flip-flops, jeans, shorts or T-shirts with writings on them.

You should also avoid wearing anything too bright or flashy, with neon colors or patterns. It may be tempting to wear your favorite pair of shorts to an interview at Home Depot. But it will make you stand out as someone who isn’t being serious about the job.

What should you wear on your first day to work / orientation?

You don’t need to wear anything special on your first day at Home Depot. Just wear clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the job.

For example, if you had an interview for an entry-level position in retail sales, you can wear something like khakis with a button-down collared shirt. If you interviewed for a management position, wear a suit and tie since this is a more formal role.

Does Home Depot Have a Dress Code for Customers?

Home Depot does not have a prescribed dress code for its customers. However, customers should be dressed appropriately with a decent amount of cover for their bodies. The company also prohibits items that may conceal a customer’s identity, including masks and face paints.


Does Home Depot give you a uniform?

Home Depot does not give its employees any uniforms. The only attire you’ll get is the Home Depot apron from the store manager. However, Home Depot supplies uniforms to the Merchandise Execution Team (MET), who wear an orange or black collared shirt with a Home Depot logo.

Can you wear jeans to a Home Depot interview?

Generally, you should wear business casual attire to an interview at Home Depot. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, it’s okay to wear jeans and sneakers if you are interviewing for a sales job.

Can you wear flannel to Home Depot?

You can wear flannel shirts to Home Depot as long as they are collared and not sleeveless. Home Depot encourages its employees to dress in a smart casual way. You also have to wear an apron over the other clothes.

Can you have tattoos and piercings at Home Depot?

Yes, you can have tattoos and piercings at Home Depot. You can wear visible tattoos while working at Home Depot unless they are offensive. If you have any controversial tattoos, you will need to cover them. Home Depot also allows piercings such as nose rings and earrings, provided they are not a safety hazard.   


Home Depot’s employee dress code is quite lenient. You can dress in casual jeans, collared shirts, closed-toe shoes, pants, hoodies or slacks. Home Depot also allows tattoos and piercings as long as they are not offensive and don’t pose a risk. In addition to your clothes, Home Depot requires you to wear the Home Depot apron at all times.

While attending an interview at Home Depot, wear business casual attire. You should wear something that makes you look professional and serious about your work. During orientation, wear something that makes you comfortable for the role you applied for. 

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